Dr. Rima Truth Reports With Meryl Dorey (Medical Kidnap Of Chase)


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The saga of Chase Walker-Steven and his appalling treatment at the hands of Children’s Services and the media…

On Friday 19th May, FACS workers and police officers came to the house where the family was staying and issued a care and protection order to take Chase on the grounds that his potassium levels were low and he was at immediate risk of harm. After initially resisting, Cini and Marc agreed to go to the hospital with Chase so that they could prove that he was not at risk. When they saw the doctor and Chase’s blood work, the doctor said he was in no medical danger and that he was happy to let him go home, but the final decision was left with the social workers.

The DOCS/FACS workers disagreed with the doctor’s recommendations and the irrefutable blood test results and decided to remove Chase. So when Marc went into the toilet, police came in and barricaded the door to stop him from being able to protect Chase and Cini.

Cini clung fiercely to Chase’s wheelchair with her arms and legs while police officers and a few medical staff resorted to hitting and kicking her hard to try and pry her off the wheelchair.
Cini pleaded and begged for them to let her go with him which they eventually agreed to, but as soon as she loosened her grip, she was pulled off and handcuffed. Cini continued to cry and beg them not to handcuff her and she would go silently with her son, but her pleas fell on unfeeling and deaf ears.

After being taken and thrown in a cell, they suddenly released her and dropped her back to the residence she was staying at. Cini has been left covered in bruises and both parents are completely distraught after having their child ripped literally out of their arms. It has now been 4 days since they saw their beautiful baby boy and they fear for his safety, as he has never been separated from his family for such an extended period of time.

The Paediatrician who has been working closely with Chase and his family, is happy with his current health protocols and had stated that Chase’s health has undoubtedly improved and he is is obviously very loved and best cared for by his parents. The magistrates who have ruled in Cini and Marc’s favour the 9 times that DOCS has tried to take Chase away have also come to the same conclusion, but for some unknown reasonChildrens Services does not.

This is such a tragic story of unnecessary and egregious government department over reach. This family really needs Australia’s support and if we don’t stand up for this family as a community, who will be Chases voice!?!

He’s all alone, scared and disorientated, while he is surrounded by strangers!! We need to get behind this family, because Chase needs his Mum and Dad. He needs to go home!

Let’s make sure everyone knows the injustice that has been inflicted on this young, beautiful and loving family and that we demand that they return Chase right now and that they never try to take him away ever again!!!

Sign the petition now https://www.change.org/p/malcolm-turnbull-bring-chase-walker-stevens-home-to-his-family which has over 60,000 signatures already but we want to see 100,000 signatures so please share it everywhere.

The other way that you can support Chase and his family is to please donate to the Chasing Hope fundraising account:

National Australia Bank  
BSB: 084 134 

Account No: 393950209 

Let’s be Chase’s voice and bring him home! 
#WestandwithChase #BringChaseHome 

















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