Dr. Rima’s Masking eBook

USA Today’s FB-Sponsored Mask “Fact Check” Gets

Pretty Much Everything Important Wrong
“Can’t Mask — Don’t Ask”

10 Vital Issues Dead Wrong (-84%) / 2 Trivia Questions Right (+16%)
1. Congressional Dems Wear Masks
2. Pence Did Not Touch Empty Boxes But…Who Cares?

Dr. Rima’s new eBook sets the record straight, with over 50 citations to the scientific literature.  Here is what she says about the reason she wrote,

“Recently, irresponsibly and unfortunately, USA Today published one of its Facebook-supported “Fact Check” articles called “Fact Check: What’s true and what’s false about face masks?” authored by Ella Lee. The article is a shocking piece of propaganda and puffery, blazingly inaccurate, unsupported by science and dangerous in its ability to use the supposed “authority” of a trusted [sic!] major media outlet to disseminate bald-faced, but politically useful, lies. … This Natural Solutions Foundation eBook presents their “fact”-checks related to face masks and then the actual science, with citations, also known as REAL facts.  …”

The Masking eBook may be downloaded or read here:  http://drrimatruthreports.com/masking-the-facts-are-clear-ebook/

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


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