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Dr. Rima’s Powerhouse Auto-Immune Protocol

Itchy, Scaly, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, 
Misery Weepy Skin that Doesn’t Want to Heal Goes by Many Names


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Babies get it, kids and grownups get it. Elbows and knees and cheeks and tummies get it. Itchy, weepy, scaling, sometimes bleeding or weeping skin is a misery to live with and an indication of a deeper problem: your immune system is over excited and attacking, which is exactly what it is supposed to do. Except for one thing: it is attacking YOU, and that is exactly not what it is supposed to do.

Increasing numbers of people find themselves contending with red, raw, itchy, painful and unsightly skin lesions because our immune systems are under significant assault, often from before birth.

We know that genetics may play a role in this condition because if both parents have the problem, about 80% of their children will.  For many of them, a mutation in the gene that controls the production of a skin-protective protein called filaggrin which helps to maintain a protective barrier on the top layer of the skin. By the way, most people use the term ‘eczema’ but the best term is “atopic dermatitis”.

But the real problem is inflammation: once the immune system, with or without the filaggrin mutation, is over stimulated by chronic inflammation, it becomes unbalanced and starts attacking parts of the body by mistake.  Fundamentally, we are talking about an auto immune disease or condition.

Certain foods, poor beneficial bacteria populations, heavy metals (such as mercury and aluminum) and toxins in the environment and in foods can cause this kind of response.  And vaccines are a prime contender for setting the stage for this, as well as other types of chronic inflammation.

The treatments used by conventional Western doctors are all immune suppressive (for example, steroids) or symptom suppressive (like soothing baths or lotions) but unless the cause of the inflammation is addressed, as well as the mechanisms of the problem, it will come and go and come and come, occasionally go, then come again, endlessly in what are called ‘flare-ups’.

To make matters worse, unsurprisingly, the immune and inflammation suppression drugs are really dangerous with large side effect profiles. Yet they are basically all that conventional medicine has to offer.  Besides, when your symptoms get worse or you develop new conditions (like osteoporosis from the steroid use), then we give you more, and more expensive drugs.

It’s the lose/win option: you lose, Big Pharma wins. Unless, of course, you choose to go another route: the solve the problem naturally, creating and maintaining health.  That’s the route I like best and it’s the one that you do, too, I have no doubt.

And it is the reason that I have created a new protocol to do just that with high potency, high quality nutrients available without charge for you; just email us (instructions below).

All of these nutrients are available at a special price at my private dispensary, 
www.Wellevate.com/rima-laibow.All you have to do is decide that you are ready to work WITH you body instead of

AGAINST it and follow the regimen that I suggest for you with high quality nutrients available there.

You can buy my recommended products anywhere. But when you buy them through my private Wellevate Dispensary you are  supporting your health, getting a discount and supporting your health freedom because Natural Solutions Foundation makes a small profit when you shop  at http://wellevate.me/rima-laibow

Let me know how the protocol is working for you.  It’s my gift to your health!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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