Purged, De-Platformed, Cancelled, Banned

Purged, De-Platformed, Cancelled, Banned
Speaking Freely in the Former Free World

Dr. Rima and I were purged from the legacy social media (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) during the Great Media Purge of 2020. Our Facebook pages gone, our Twitter shadow-banned, not allowed to post new material, including livestream, on YouTube. I previously wrote about that. [1]

We’ve experimented with some other less-censored platforms and have settled on www.Telegram.org which is almost completely uncensored and encrypted. [2] Our Telegram group is: https://t.me/opensourcetruth

The situation, however, continues to worsen world-wide as dissidents and resistors face increasing pressure.

It’s not just limited to violations of free speech by governments and “private” social media companies controlled by deep state interests. Now we see videos of mass demonstrations around the world where police authorities are attacking people for daring to gather without masks to express themselves.

A purview of postings on Telegram over the past several months shows masses of people confronting what can only be called “martial law thugs.” Some of those thugs, for example, in Australia, wear police uniforms. Others, such as the group that attacked anti-lockdown dissidents in Oregon, are linked to Antifa. All deep state operatives.

Meanwhile the number of alleged “COVID” cases escalates as the number of people who the authorities claim have volunteered for the EUA Jabs increases. While the number of deaths attributed to COVID decreases, the numbers of people dying after the Jab is exploding. The holistic doctors warn the world of a Vaxxapocalypse facing the world, with billions potentially dying from the Jab over the next several years.

Both of these developments, the growing police state and the threat of the Jab, are only possible because of the Big Lie techniques perpetuated by the mass media, including the legacy social media.

Only by silencing dissidents can the descent into tyranny and megadeath continue. And so they seek to silence us.

This process of silencing takes a number of forms. They are:

[1] Purged
[2] De-Platformed
[3] Cancelled
[4] Banned

I discuss being Purged and De-Platformed above. The difference is between an individual being removed by social media (Purged) and organizations being deleted, with all of their previous communications (De-Platformed). Both has happened to us.

Being “Cancelled” is a bit different. “Cancel Culture” is a control mechanism that relies not on the instruments of corporate power, but rather on the willing participation of “woke” individuals who enforce the dictates of corporate power.

An example should suffice. In brief (since Dr. Rima will be writing about this incident directly) Dr. Rima enjoys participating in Improv. It is a creative outlet for her. She’s good at it.

Recently she paid tuition for a series of Improv for Social Justice classes. After the first class the members talked a bit about themselves. That triggered the “woke” among the members to “research” Dr. Rima on the Internet and decide that she was a bad person (that means “dissident”) and had to go. Without confronting her or defending their faith in Big Pharma she was expelled from the class. She was cancelled, not by some Party Bureaucrat, as might be the case in China, but by private actors acting in near anonynity — acting-out from fear of what she represents: a free person unwilling to be silenced.

“Banned” however, is a violation of a different sort. Only government authority can ban an individual.

We saw that process in Apartheid Era South Africa when dissidents were legally banned by the government and forbidden to speak or interact with others (not unlike our present-day lockdowns…).

Our example of this Crime Against Humanity (which is what banning truly is) is what happened over the last month to Vinny Eastwood and Billy Te Kahika in New Zealand. [3] A few weeks after we interviewed them on The Dr. Rima Truth Reports — The Unmasked Crusaders [4] Vinny and his Maori friend Billy were at a public protest against NZ’s draconian lockdown regulations. They were both arrested and we were unable to contact either for over a month.

We finally wrote to the NZ Embassy and were given the main number of the NZ National Police [a police state needs a “national police” of course…]. We spoke to the police command twice and were  told regarding Vinny, “There are conditions in place and he is not allowed to use the internet.”

Banned. An internationally known podcaster who earns from his journalistic work forbidden to speak to the world.

That is what it is like to be Banned. Let’s assume that Vinny and Billy violated the COVID Regulations by being within 6 feet of another human without wearing a mask. Guilty as charged.

Why the Banning of Vinny from communicating with other dissidents, world wide? What does speech have to do with a masking regulation? Apparently everything.

This has never been about a declared pandemic. This has never been about “protecting” people from an alleged disease with a 99+ percent chance of survival.

This has always been about control. About silencing dissidents. About seeing how far the sheeple can be pushed.

We know that limit is being reached. We know that from the mass demonstrations often involving hundreds of thousands of unmasked people refusing to “socially distance.” We know that from the desparation of the authorities who seek to silence brave voices like those of Vinny and Billy.

Engaging in normal social life is resistance to tyranny.

We need your help to support dissidents like Vinny and Billy, and to support the word that should come after “Purged, De-Platformed, Cancelled, Banned” — namely, “Litigate”. Your support makes a difference.  Please give generously:  http://fundly.com/support-natural-therapies


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5 thoughts on “Purged, De-Platformed, Cancelled, Banned

  1. This is problematic. The Confederacy tried, legally. It may well be the case, the New World Order is pushing us far enough that we do have a rebellion or civil war, so they can send in foreign peacekeepers. Beware!

  2. Yes, secession sounds great. Bob is right. The Confederacy tried to do so legally, and it got invaded, To break up the Union and stop the New World Order was not allowed then or now. In our day, the Global Yankees have bigger guns, bombs, drones and who knows what else to squash any rebellion. As much as I would like to see “secession” it would need amazingly good leadership and a united cause. Seems hopeless for us all but God may surprise us all. I trust His plan.

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