Feminizing Men: Estrogen Sources Are Everywhere. Here’s What To Avoid.


Estrogen Is Everywhere, And It Is Having Toxic Effects On Us All, Especially Men

If you wanted to cull a species without resorting to wholesale slaughter of the animal, what would be the first thing you would do? You would intervene in its ability to reproduce itself.

In many countries, street dogs and cats are routinely sterilized and re-released. If there are too many of them to take in and provide them with shelter and food, then perhaps the most humane thing to do is to prevent more of them from being born into misery.

And so, as we observe the consequences of excess estrogen being released into our food and water–namely the feminization of men in terms of lowered testosterone, lower sperms counts, and increased cases of gynecomastia or enlarged breasts–there are those who can’t help but wonder at the convenience of the side effects. If you wanted there to be fewer humans, you couldn’t really come up with a better way–again, short of all-out slaughter–than to take away the ability to reproduce from one or the other gender.

Not incidentally, excess estrogen can wreak havoc on women’s biological function as well. It is thought to cause early onset of puberty in girls, weight gain, polycystic ovaries, low libido, increased risk of miscarriages and possibly even some forms of cancer.

But regardless of whether there is some grand conspiracy to mess with human reproductive function through the introduction of estrogen into the biosphere, the reasons to avoid it have never been more clear. Here are three of the worst offenders to avoid:

• Pesticides – Here’s the number one reason to buy organic fruits and vegetables. The pesticides sprayed on conventionally grown foods have long been known to disrupt male hormones. Keep in mind too that the food and chemical industry fights tooth and nail against EPA testing programs on endocrine disruption. Many widely used pesticides go untested.
• Soy – Apart from being one of the most highly subsidized US crops, and being a huge money-maker for Monsanto, soy–even without the benefit of Monsanto’s RoundUp or other herbicides and pesticides–has the effect of mimicking estrogen in the body. There have been reports of men who ate diets high in soy experiencing gynecomastia as a result.
• Hormones in beef and milk – there is a cornucopia of hormones, antibiotics, steroids and other drugs given to beef cattle in factory farm situations, but be aware that the hormones and especially estrogen have been shown to be transferable to humans by eating the meat. Also the cattle are fed soy (see above) which has been treated with massive doses of pesticides (see above above). If you have to eat meat, go with organic, grass-fed beef. It’s worth the extra price to have functioning reproductive organs, no?



One thought on “Feminizing Men: Estrogen Sources Are Everywhere. Here’s What To Avoid.

  1. We shouldn’t overlook the born-males who actually want to be women; although we might be aware of the dangers posed by modern food sources that contain these kinds of substances, if they were guaranteed to do what they are claimed to, we would be consuming them as a conscous effort to fulfil our desires.

    Contrary to what some people thing, at a personal level it is not necessarily a bad thing for a male to be feminized. It is a matter of personal choice despite claims to the opposite. And nobody has the right to deny what a person decides to accomplish in life provided it affects nobody else.

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