First Study of COIVD Vaccines on Male Fertility – AFTER FDA Approval

Planning on a Family? Fertility Doc Suggests Men Freeze Their Sperm Before Taking Vaxx, Conducting Study

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, December 23, 2020

While assuring us that he can see no biological reason that the novel, and newly approved COVID-19 vaccine should not damage fertility, Dr. Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy, a reproductive urologist with U Health (Miami), secured funding and is examining the vaccines’ effect on sperm and fertility.
An earlier study by Dr. Ramasamy found that the COVID virus could remain in the testicles of men infected with the virus for up to six months following infection. Studies with low chances of positive findings have a low chance of getting funded.

It would be interesting to know who is funding the study, since only studies which receive funding are carried out. It would also be very, very interesting to know why these vaccines, so strongly involved with  avowed “vaccines-can-reduce-the-population-by-10-15-%” depopulationist Bill Gates [1], were not evaluated for their impact on male and female fertility BEFORE they were released for use on the general population.

Similarly fascinating is the question of why Bill Gates, so deeply involved with lowering population and with vaccines is so fascinated with pandemics.

Could it be that since a “properly used” vaccine lowers population, at least in the mind of Mr. Gates and associates, it was important NOT to study the impact on fertility so that it could not be discussed before unimaginably large numbers of people were stampeded into receiving those poorly tested vaccines?

Is it related to the “incredible disappointment” that the abjectly poor around the world will not get the vaccine first or to her June 25, 2020 statement that people of color and indigenous people should be first to get the untested mRNA vaccines? [2]

Perhaps it is related to the statement, made and repeated by Sir John Bell, Canadian researcher heading the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine development and trials in the UK, that this particular COVID 19 vaccine would “only sterilize 60-70% of the population.”[3]

And perhaps it is related to Dr. Ramasamy’s suggestion that men who want to have children might want to get their sperm frozen before they get the vaccine.

Perhaps a better, and more responsible, suggestion might be for the general population, male and female, not to allow the injection of an experimental, and totally unnecessary vaccine in themselves or their children unless and until that vaccine has been thoroughly tested AGAINST A REAL PLACEBO, not another highly damaging vaccine of a different sort





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