Further COVID-19 Weaponization Data Points

COVID-19 is Biowar

As we continue to receive more information regarding COVID-19 we will continue to post here at Open Source Truth and archive these posts at www.TruthAboutCoronavirus.com.  This latest information is from a correspondent for a major economics magazine and is in the form of an email exchange.  Identifying information has been redacted.

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To: BS
From RF

Thanks for this information which I will post at www.TruthAboutCoronavirus.com

Dr Rima (and all the health freedom advocates with whom I am in contact) view this outbreak as a False Flag Event.



—— Original Message ——
Received: 08:55 AM EST, 02/24/2020
From: BS (Cycles Research)
Subject: FW: US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized – Activist Post

From: FP
Sent: Monday, February 24, 2020 5:29 AM
To: BS
Subject: Re: US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized – Activist Post

The Corona virus has undoubtedly been tampered with. The lower levels of NAC in Asians is only one part of the problem. The virus binds avidly to the ACE-2 receptors on human cells, especially in the lungs. The Chinese population has a larger number of these receptor sites than the population with the lowest percentage of these sites, namely the northern Europeans and the eastern Europeans, something like 90% versus 30%.

That makes this deadly to the Asians and much less so to Caucasians. My guess would be that the true death rate is likely higher for the Chinese. A market analyst that I know has estimated that it will take 3 years for China to recover from this disaster, but could be worse if the true death rate is high. The corona virus is the 4th organism to escape containment at the Wuhan Lab, not a very good track record for a level 4 lab. That is a lot of “coincidences”.

From: BS
Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2020 7:12 PM
To: FP
Subject: FW: US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized – Activist Post

From: AC
Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2020 8:44 PM
Subject: Fwd: US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized – Activist Post

I can give you my views,not necessarily those of Dr B. There is clear evidence this virus came from the BSL4 lab in Wuhan. It is a gene-edited coronavirus (ordinary flu) that has had 4 strands of HIV and 1 strand of SARs DNA inserted into its core.

There is also clear evidence that USA cooperated with China in acquiring the technology and developing the protocol to accomplish this feat. The Wuhan lab is WHO-accredited and WHO had its own personnel stationed there. The US largely funds WHO and it is known CIA uses the disproportionate influence America has with such multilateral institutions to embed their own assets with them (read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” for more on this topic).

The Wuhan lab also partnered with researchers from Duke University who had their own team stationed there. I used to manage substantial money for the Duke endowment and I know for a fact the school receives significant research funding from agencies of the Pentagon and Deep State.

It is common with many of these projects for Duke scientists to spend time at government-controlled labs (Pentagon,CIA,NSA,etc) and for researchers paid by the government to be placed at “client” institutions such as Duke. Thus it is very ease for CIA to “infiltrate” the research team that is then sent to facilities such as the Wuhan lab.

Until recently the US and China were mostly cooperating with each other notwithstanding the occasional outbreak of hostile rhetoric. All this changed with the election of Trump. It is now the policy of the US to attempt to limit the rise of China and extend as long as possible the era of US global hegemony. Currently this “war” with China is (IMO) being carried out on 3 fronts:

1-Trade war which is nowhere close to being resolved

2-HK ‘color revolution’ in which local protestors are being funded by CIA and State Dept and also receiving expert guidance (I can confirm that official US fingerprints were all over a HSBC bank account that China made the HK branch close down)

3-Bioterror. While nobody definitively knows who is responsible for the “release” of this terrible viral chimera we do know the answer to the key question “Cui Bono”? The virus targets Chinese people because they genetically possess much lower levels of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) than Caucasians. NAC is highly immune-protective which accounts for the extremely low incidence of infection in most Western countries to which the virus has spread.

Thus this bioweapon is ideally suited for infecting and killing Chinese people while largely sparing most Western people.Since many Chinese already suspect that the Wuhan lab may be the source for this epidemic there is growing discontent with the CCP and a mushrooming risk that the ruling party will face full scale revolt of the Chinese masses. I view it likely that CIA-linked assets were responsible for the release of this virus as a third plank in the campaign to stunt the rise of China and destabilize the Chinese government.

I emphasize these are my views but I would encourage any edits or amplification from Dr B. Kind regards,


This information constitutes what General Bert taught us were “data points” to consider when making an Intelligence Analysis of any event.  Those data points are beginning to add up, leading to one unescapable conclusion:  COVID-19 is Biowar. The problem with unleashing Biowar is that you don’t really know where or how it will end…

2 thoughts on “Further COVID-19 Weaponization Data Points

  1. Thanks for the info. What would it take to make the 2019 Corona virus HIV particles active and how could Israeli/Bill Gates’ vaccines be checked for the activators?

    1. I take extreme umbrage to your blithe anti-Semitic slur. We know Bill Gates is a genocidalist since he has made it explicit. The rest of your allegation is nothing short of racist hate-ism. Take it elsewhere.
      Dr. Rima

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