China Testing IV Vitamin C for COVID-19

Open Source Truth contributor Rima E. Laibow, MD has advocated for intravenous (IV) Vitamin C as a powerful remedy supporting the human body’s ability to fight-off invading pathogens.  Her comment:

“Over the decades I have repeatedly seen IV C support miraculous reversals of invasive pathogens and iatrogenic (hospital-acquired) infections.  The anti-inflammatory benefits of IV C are well-known.  Oral Vitamin C helps regulate inflammatory response and should be part of everyone’s immune-support regimen.”

This unconfirmed information was posted at Bolen Report: [1]

“China is the main source of Vitamin C — the universal anti-toxin [vaxxes are toxins] and the universal anti-viral… on top of all the fundamental body regenerative things that C mediates… and Chinese hospitals are implementing their own clinical FDA trials of intravenous C to defeat the corona virus….. China has control of their internet & publishing, and to show which side this is favoring in the china-pharma standoff, china is allowing the successful results of that IV-C clinical trial to be published on their internet…. While here in the USA, Facebook, Twitter, etc. were aligning themselves to take down all mentions of the IV-C clinical trials successes and only publish the terrorizing CDC/pharma cabal story-line… And who was the source and order-giver at the confab of the internet honchos to make the story-line impenetrable by us natural-meds promoters with news of the clinical trials to share… but we’re getting past some of the censors by ‘persistence’…” MJ Raichyk, PhD [2]

For updated coverage of the COVID-19 story, see this special Open Source Truth page:



[2] — a commentary about it :


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