General Bert Estimate of Situation

Spiked Protein Shedding Risk

General Bert:
They are Weaponizing the Vaccinated
Into Bioweapon Terrorists!

Dr. Rima and her husband General Bert have been engaged in an intimate conversation since shortly after his apparent death on his 86th Birthday in 2017.  She has been “remote viewing” him and several thousand pages of extraordinary material have come through.  More about that here:

For our purposes here, my friend and mentor General Bert has provided us with several Estimates of Situation regarding the so-called COVID vaccines  and the alleged Declared Pandemic.  Here is the latest (informal) EoS (links to the two earlier are at the end).

General Bert brought “remote viewing” to the intelligence community and told me on more than one occasion that his remote viewing teams brought him as good actionable information as did his “boots on the ground.”

Consider this transmission, therefore, as the most open of Open-Source Intel.  Its validity is something for you to determine, whether it is from the still-engaged mind of the General, or from the subconscious of the Doctor, distilling her half century of medical practice.

However, fail to heed this warning at your own risk. More about the experimental jabs shedding spiked protein and other dangerous stuff below.   rf

I had an extraordinary class from Razowsky, Love, in which it was more about acting than about improv but really opened whole new artistic vistas for me. [Dr. Rima is engaged with a now mostly online Improv Community. rf]

I often wonder if you would love improv: you have such an invertible wit, easily turning things upside down and inside out without the slightest effort and such a natural sense of Fun

[At this point General Bert interrupted and changed the color of the type, indicating he was communicating rf].

Yes, I would love it and I do, in fact, love it as you do it.  It occurs to me that it might be even more fun if I have your permission to share my thoughts and inversions with you so that we are both doing improv.

You have chills and rushes at the same time because you can feel me and you are contributing your own energy to the rush.

Yes, I was excited so I took over the conversation.  I know you do not mind since people routinely interrupt each other either in an intimate conversation or in an angry, confrontational one.  This is most assuredly not that and you know it.

And there are the chills and rushes again.

The chills are primarily in your upper arms and the rushes are whole body.  They are different manifestations of energy from different sources. The chills are my hands and arms and body (you know what I mean) holding and loving you and the rushes, also involved with me, are truth, pure kundalini energy rushing through your chakras and into the infinite in the two directions that you say in your REBALL that we are suffused by the energy of the universe in: up ad down And they are AT THE SAME TIME AND DO NOT CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT. [“REBALL” is the protective technique that General Bert taught Dr. Rima. rf]

Right now, you can hardly breathe because you are so moved by this exchange.

Yes, it is important and it is meaningful to you.

You are feeling a lot of things including itching in your face.  You have already put [redacted due to ongoing litigation with FDA rf] gel on your lip since it feels as if it is tickling.  Your eyelid is also itching on the same side.

Do not, not, I say again, do not mix and mingle with vaccinated people.  You are about to have an attack of shingles from their dangerous shedding.

Do not scratch. Go take a capful of [redacted] and set a timer to take one every hour for 6 hours. Go do it now, Sweetheart.

You are right, you know.  The ultimate danger is what they have turned vaccinated people into: bioweapon terrorists.

And now the ethical action is to… do what? Quarantine THEM? NO. FIND A WAY TO RETURN THEM TO THEIR BIOLOGICAL STATE. Support homeostasis.

Thank God that most children are not yet vaccinated. That is the ultimate battle ground.

They will be impacted by the bioweapon adults around them, of course, and most of their parents will die or worse, yes, worse, before they are grown, so orphanage care and adoption are global essentials, but for now their genome is relatively safe.

The argument that there is no need to vaccinate them since the disease does not kill them is true, but irrelevant.

How many well fed, well nourished children does measles kill, yet there is a sense that every child needs it [the vaccine – REL] everywhere. Same with Polio, which, in a non-toxic world, is only caused by such things as vaccines.

But that is not the case in the minds and hearts of most people.

So appealing to the rational and logical will not keep them safe.

And they are the last reproductively capable reservoir of humanity.

But with all the vaccinated people around them, their reproductive capacities, the closer they are to puberty, will also be interfered with.

This is what the globalists knew and anticipated.

This is the final game, they believe, and you have massive truth rushes.

The answer is partly all the things that we know: nutrition, homeopathy (very important), detox of the correct sort (not at all what we know now as detox) and, most important, frequency.

Rima, the spike protein has been characterized.  It can be tested for in the breath, sweat, urine, feces and tears of vaccinated people.  It can be swabbed from their skin and, unlike the SARS-COV-2, tested for accurately.

Make this happen, Darling Woman.  Then we will work out the detox regimen.

You have gale force ‘OH By the Way’s, Love‘, as well you might.  No one else is considering [moving-REL] on this.

Go get dressed, do your thing and open the discussion, Darling.

Tell our friends on Open Source Truth.  Urge them to make this EoS go viral!


Action Steps:

FIRST:  TAKE BACK THE LANGUAGE! Stop calling the Experimental Injections “vaccines.” They are not “vaccines” in the literal sense of the word so let’s call them “jabs.” That divides the world into those who are the Jabbed and those who are not.

Detoxifying the Jabbed is significant, Detoxification of those exposed to the spiked protein by the Jabbed is utterly urgent.

SECONDGET THE DATA! We need to know exactly what being transmitted by the Jabbed.

By all the Jabbed? Do the different jabs shed different toxins? In different ways? For how long? If one’s genetic system has been changed, will that be for the rest of the lives of the Jabbed? We need to verify and characterize the spiked proteins being transmitted to the Unjabbed by the Jabbed. It seems logical to use a CPR test.

If you have access to a lab that can run these tests at the correct number of replication cycles, please contact Dr. Rima

THIRD:  KNOW THE DANGER! Learn more about “Spiked Protein Shedding” here:  Share this message with this link:

FOURTH:  USE THE LAW TO STOP THE SLAUGHTER! What is the LEGAL Remedy for the government-sponsored disinformation campaign regarding the danger the Jabbed pose to the rest of us? The powerful social media “acting under color of law” must be mandated to allow truthful communications about the risks of the Jab. The entities that have engaged in censorship that puts us all at risk from the Jabbed ought to be mandated to fund the necessary Legal Remedies. You can follow the work of the the International Tribunal of Natural and Common Law for Public Health and Justice at

FIFTHKNOW THE BACKGROUND: You can access General Bert’s previous 2021 Estimates of Situation:

12 April 2021 –

20 February 2021 –

SIXTH:  SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM:  TREAT THE SPIKE PROTEIN LIKE YOU WOULD TREAT THE DISEASE.  The Spike Protein is the part of the pathogen that attaches to your living cells, penetrates and replicates.  Use your understanding of the immune system to support it.  One traditional approach is to supplement with Pine Needle Tea. Read more here:

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