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What if a World Leader Came Back
from the Dead to Talk to Us?
He Has!

I have been keeping a secret about General Bert and now it is time to share it

General Bert died of unnatural causes on his birthday nearly three years ago.

Absolutely everything about General Bert was exceptional, and his death, and lack thereof, is no exception.

None of that is a secret.

The secret is that General Bert has not stayed politely dead but has, instead, been sharing information and insight and humor and philosophy and more in daily communications with me (and less frequent ones with several other people).

Dead people don’t communicate, right? Well, as General Bert would so often ask, “Who made that rule?”

His communications are astonishing, bringing love and laughter and wisdom and quantum physics and more to share an ongoing stream of amazing information.

Because I am highly skeptical, I have needed a lot of irrefutable proof and General Bert obligingly provides it. It’s in the book that he wanted us to create out of these transmissions, and the photos are in there!

He has used variety of ways to document his presence, including information, physical transformations which can be photographed, various appearances and high-strangeness interventions.

General Bert has made it very, very clear that while his body may be out of commission, his consciousness is certainty not.

In fact, in our daily conversations, he suggested that our conversations, photographs, etc. are important not just to me (and they are exceedingly important to me) but to others.

He therefore asked Ralph and me to create a book from these transmissions for which he chose the title:

The General Speaks: Intimate Conversations With the Dead

Counsel Ralph and I had a problem: the material is on-going and so rich that editing it without losing its flavor would be impossible.

So General Bert suggested a novel strategy: create a book in familiar format to introduce samples of the materials received and then, for those who find it intriguing or compelling, set up access to the full set of transmissions, both past and continuing through The General Speaks blog on Blogspot. The book is 134 pages (the blog is now over 1,500 pages) and includes detailed information on how the RV process works, samples of many of the major themes in the book and an entire section entitled The Story of Wu Xian — another general who lived a long time ago.

We have done precisely what General Bert suggested.

Thinking about how to make this evolving treasure trove of amazing information available, Counsel Ralph and I have created several options.

When you go to you will be able to

– Download a copy of the ebook
– Purchase a prepublication  hard copy for yourself or friends interested in this unique material
– Find out how get on-going access to the past transmissions and new ones which arrive on a near-daily basis.

The hard copy of The General Speaks: Intimate Conversations With the Dead should be ready for holiday delivery.

That hard copy, by the way, would make a beautiful gift for anyone interested in the topic– there really is nothing quite like it!

If you are interested in what the General has to say in depth, we will make on-going access to past transmissions and the new ones as they happen available to you.

They are astonishing communications from an exceptional man in the context of a deeply loving relationship and the perspective of, as he calls himself, an SDG (Slightly Dead Guy).

I cannot tell you what to believe, but I can promise you that encountering this material will be an amazing experience for you, like none other.

It has taken me quite a while to decide to come out of the “rational materialist” closet and tell you that I know, first hand, that ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” [Hamlet]

In fact, than were dreamt of in my philosophy…

I invite you to meet my brilliant, wise and witty husband on a totally different plane.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD

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  1. I love this book!! Where can I find access to the complete set of transmissions, and the ongoing transmissions? Thank you !

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