The Graphene Rescue Protocol

The Graphene Rescue Protocol

Spanish Researcher Finds Method to Remove Graphene Oxide Post COVID Jab!!!

Graphene Oxide does not belong in your body since, on its own, it can account for every symptom of COVID, including death.

It is far from the only problem in the COVID jabs but Spanish researcher Ricardo Delgado of La Columna Quinta (The Fifth Column) has brought together a number of research and empirical results to create a safe, sensible, helpful and logical  strategy to degrade this particular poison.

In fact, it is very, very similar to my own personal antioxidant regiment (although I have absolutely not been jabbed).

There are a few differences: My personal NAC regime is 900 mg per day, not the 650 he uses and I do not take glutathione since it is, as he notes, poorly absorbed while NAC, the precursor molecule to glutathione in the body, allows the body to act naturally to produce the glutathione it needs.

In addition, I personally take 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (Vital Nutrients)and add 400 mg of Co-Q 10 (Bioclinic Naturals), 10 mg of Biotin (Now), B-Complex (Vital Nutrients), 1000 mg of L-Glutamine (Protocol for Life Balance),, 60 mg Hyaluronic Acid ((Now), 1 tablespoon of high DHEA Fish Oil (Nordic Naturals) and 1000 IU of Vitamin E and mixed tocotrienols and tocopherols (Carlson E Gems 1000).

At 77 I know that my body makes fewer antioxidants than it did when I was younger so I protect my tissues and my immune system carefully.

it is vital to remember that poor quality supplements lead to poor quality outcomes.

That is why I have opened my professional dispensary to you.  If you want to source high quality nutrients elsewhere, that is fine.  But if you would like to shop where I do for myself and my patients, you can go to and open a free account there.

Professional Supplement Dispensary | Wellevate —

Then you will have access to the same range of professional products that I do as a physician.  You will also be supporting the work of the Natural Solutions Foundation since any profit goes directly to the Foundation. None of the profit from any purchase comes to me since it all goes to support Health Freedom.

Oh, and you’ll always get a 35% discount from the retail price.

Antioxidants support immune and other functions throughout the body. Apparently, the introduction of graphene oxide makes the need for them significantly more urgent.

Given that they are non toxic and vitally important to life and health, I can see no downside whatsoever to taking them in reasonable servings.

Please let me know at what your experience with this regimen is if you have already been jabbed.

More about Dr. Rima’s dispensary here:

Setting up a account is easy: watch this little video that Counsel Ralph made to see just how easy:

6 thoughts on “The Graphene Rescue Protocol

  1. Today I was told by 2 people that the tests also contain graphene oxide. Do you know if there is truth to this?
    My husband and I had tests last January as we were out of the country and in order to return we had to test negative. I immediately felt nauseated and dizzy after the test. My husband felt alright.

  2. Following the above 8/14 inquiry. I have not had covid19 vaccine, I have had 2 tests, did not feel sick from them. But I watched the video from the man who had his swab tested and it had odd filaments on it. My swab came right out of a wrapper, looked white, but, I don’t have microscopic vision! : (

  3. Please keep me informed on antidotes for the so-called “vaccine”, that is anything but. My close friend was forced, to keep his job. He’s a single dad, has 2 daughters, and I’m their godfather, a serious responsiility if this little family has a serious problem. I have a good science background, so no information will be beyond my grasp.

    I have heard 3 pieces of intelligence that I want to post, and request more info on:
    a) Preparations exist now for a future Ebola outbreak, including test kits, possibly as fake as the RCP test in use now.
    b) Military and possibly paramilitary may be trained to shoot “Zombies”, like in the video games. This appears to be preparation for gunning down unarmed civilians, which wouldn’t be the first time, even in the First World.
    c) I want to name a book you can use in such eventuality: “Homeopathy for Epidmics”, by Eileen Nauman ( A skilled healer should prepare any such remedies; the one for Ebola uses rattlesnake venom. Distilled water & pure ethyl alcohol are used, plus cell salts & herbal substances.

  4. Dr Laibow, where should I move my family to avoid the SHTF that is soon to come? Any ideas would be sincerely helpful!

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