Health Freedom Requires Freedom of Choice

“Health Freedom Requires Freedom of Choice”
A Health Freedom Message from Dr. Rima
Two Powerful Webinars You Must Not Miss!

The government’s health care “system” is designed to channel you into preset processes that deny you meaningful choices.  We’ve known Charles Frohman for over a decade; he introduced us to Jeff Kanter several years ago.  They are the “real deal” and they have health care cost options that you ought to consider during this year’s “open enrollment” period which ends mid-December.

Jeff and Charles facilitate market-based alternatives to Obamacare and other insurance plans.  They strongly support your right to Freedom of Choice in healthcare.

Unlike most other plans, they emphasize prevention and utilize cost-effective strategies that keep monthly premiums low. The Natural Solutions Foundation trustees are pleased to recommend that you consider the programs they have to offer, including the two powerful webinars coming up next week-  see below.

As you can probably tell from this brief description, Health Excellence Plus is a truly unique program to help keep you healthy and give you the best care possible for the lowest cost. Check out their program at and see what you think. If it is right for you, and you subscribe to it through the link, you’ll not only enjoy some very special benefits, but you will help the Foundation too — we will receive a finder’s fee and annual remuneration as long as you are enrolled.

Other plans end their enrollment on December 15, but you can enroll in Health Excellence Plus anytime.  The “anytime” enrollment is just another way in which they try to give you better service.

Even if Health Excellence Plus doesn’t fit your needs, it might be the right plan for some of your family in friends.  Please feel free to forward them this e-mail if you think that they might benefit.

Freedom of Choice is what it is all about, but if you do not act now and at least look at what they have to offer, you’ll have no choice at all! Find out more here: and you can call Charles at: 202-258-8027.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph


HEP has scheduled two powerful, high profile webinars that you must not miss! The first starts this Sunday, Dec 2nd ( — featuring  Charles Sauer, legislation expert, Co-Founder Free Market Medical Association, Founder/President The Market Institute and author, Dr. Tony Dale and Dr. Mary Ruwart and Wednesday Dec 5th, ( featuring Sean Kelley, Founder and Managing Partner of Texas Free Market Surgery and Dr. Marilyn Singleton,  President American Physicians and Surgeons.

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