TIs Take Note: Your Health in YOUR Hands

TIs Take Note: Your Health in YOUR Hands

Are you a Targeted Individual (TI)?  Do you suspect you might be? If so, keep reading.

If not, keep reading anyway because you know someone who either knows they are a TI or suspects it.

Up till now, confirming that you have actually been used for non-consensual experimentation purposes (yes, it is real, yes, it is all too common and no, people who say that may be mad (as in very, very angry, very, very justified), but may not be mad (as in “insane”, very, very easy to go mad over this, by the way).

Time was when anyone saying that

  • Voices were inserted into their mind via technology or
  • They were the target of electronic torture or
  • They had been involuntarily chipped or otherwise invaded

would have an automatic diagnosis applied: Paranoid Schizophrenia with hallucinations and delusions.

Times have changed. We now know that these perceptions may, in fact, be based on the very real, and very, very evil non-consensual use of human beings.  And the law has changed, too. (The horrific and Orwellian misnamed “21st Century Cures Act” [sic – REL] gives drug companies the ability to run tests on up to 8000 people per “test” without their knowledge or written informed consent! This unlawful act is aching to be struck down in Court, by the way, since it violates both national and international law!)

Now we have the means to determine whether there ARE devices in someone’s body actually doing these things and even more – leaking and leaching devastatingly toxic materials, causing biological harm through their very presence and emitting – and receiving – harmful non-ionizing radiation.

It has become very clear that even without this law, distressingly large numbers of men, women and children (and their pets, too, sometimes) actually are the victims of highly aggressive, electronic and other targeting. Many, but not all of them, have been chipped, that is, had electronic devices placed in their bodies without their knowledge or consent.  The FDA (that’s the Fraud and Death Administration in my opinion) approved microchips for human implantation in October, 2013, as a matter of fact.

Once there, these devices, can both send information out (as can the much smaller “smart dust” technology) and receive input to alter your function, be it brain, heart, muscular, immune or others.

And now, Nano technology has brought us “4D” technology which acts like tiny self-assembling machines and origami pop ups once in your body.

It’s easy to see why people who were not mad could be driven mad by this invasion that no one around them would believe is real.

But the fact is that mad or not, there are very large numbers of people (some estimate 450,000 in the US alone!) who are being used without their knowledge or against their will, as lab rats for … someone. And, if chipped, they are also experiencing toxic effects from the chips and their breakdown.

Skeptical? So Were We

Check the patents for these devices and note that most of them have been developed for agents of the US Government.  Consider, for example, the stinger-less bee with two injectors on its abdomen which was developed as an autonomous drone for the US Air Force to inject its targets with — wait for it — syphilis.

I have pictures of one of these small, but monstrous, devices, by the way, which was developed for the US Air Force by the University of Western Australia, because one of them stung me with its double injectors last May.

I thought it was strange that I had been stung by a bee but had two holes in my foot (and strange that this bee was active at 1:30 AM in remote New Mexico where I was attending a Contra Dance camp about 75 miles from the butt end of nowhere.

I caught it and had it analyzed under the capable technical oversight of one of the world’s leading toxicologists. And, yes, it had infected me with a dreaded disease: syphilis. And yes, after a month of IV Vitamin C and other natural treatments, my labs were negative for the disease.

This is reality, folks.  These devices are being used on countless people.

When Natural Solutions Foundation did a survey, about 50% of people surveyed said that they feared or knew that they were targeted in these ways.  About 80% said that they knew someone who said or feared that they were a targeted individual.  Here are the results of the survey (click for larger view):

Just as laboratory analysis was essential in determining my personal status (syphilis positive, then syphilis negative) and the nature of the “bee”, so lab tests are essential in determining exactly who is a TI, who is implanted, and what the nature of the problems are so they can be addressed successfully.

Natural Solutions Foundation and I decided we had to do something to help people who fear they are TIs and people who already know that they are.

The first course of action, of course, is to determine if you are actually a TI. Now, most, but not all, TIs have been implanted with technology which is accessed and used to create various effects (including, but not limited to, thoughts and voices) in their bodies.  And those implants leak. They contaminate the body of the unwitting and unwilling host and do significant damage just through their presence alone.

They induce heavy metal poisoning, which in turn produces high levels of carbon monoxide around the cells so they have trouble surviving and carrying out their functions.

They lead to higher than normal levels of ammonia in the blood and they lead to auto immune and immune problems, not the least of which is cancer.

When I work with TIs, I always ask them to do a battery of lab tests so we can see what is happening to them at the toxicological and physiological levels.  They will need these tests to guide us on how to best treat and detoxify them.

That panel is available in two forms at www.DirectLabs.com/DrRima.  Click on “Order Tests” and select “Specialty Labs”. Scroll down until you come to Dr. Rima’s Foreign Body Assay. Order the tests and fill in the HIPPA Forms to make sure you give access to the health care professionals you want to access these tests and to no one else.

When you scroll down further you will see a link called “My HIPPA Release”.  Click that and fill it in fully.

Unusual lab results, combined with a history of suspected or known non-consensual experimentation, provide powerful information that allows people to move forward in a variety of corrective directions, if they choose. Those directions may include detoxification, removal, legal action and other remedies which are appropriate for each person and are their choice.

But the first step, of course, is documentation that there is a problem.

To do that documentation, I have selected an incredible company which serves those people who do not live in the legislatively Neanderthal states of New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Maryland.  You can quickly and easily go to www.DirectLabs.com/DrRima and order any one of a host of tests on your own, without a doctor or you can go to your doctor, request exactly the same tests, from exactly the same labs, that your doctor would send you to.

If you want your doctor to receive the lab results, fill in his/her name on the HIPPA forms provided.

If you want to set up a consultation with me to review these tests, you can fill in my name, Rima E Laibow, MD and enter my email, Dr.Rima@NaturalSolutionsFoundation.com and set up an appointment with me for that purpose at www.NSFMarketplace.com.

For people who live in the legally Neanderthal states, simply go to the doctor of your choice (also known as a medical gate keeper) and get a prescription for exactly the same tests from exactly the same labs.

What to do with the results? Get detoxed and, if the case warrants it, get a lawyer!

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Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

PS – Further information for TIs and anyone concerned with this issue, visit:  www.TargetedandAngry.com

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