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Question: What Makes You Look Old? Answer By Facerobics Founder, Peta Prior

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 2/19/17

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Peta PriorAfter more than 50 years exploring anti-aging solutions, I can tell you from experience and what I have witnessed, that everything you eat, drink or breathe affects the appearance of your face. Heal Your Face, by Markus Rothkranz, explains in detail how to reverse facial “aging” by changing what you eat and other lifestyle habits and addictions. In addition, the thoughts and emotions you carry around, even unconsciously, have an immediate effect on how your face looks. People who are sensitive to this and understand it can look at you and “read” your feelings and thoughts by observing your face.

So paying attention to what you eat and drink, and re-directing your habitual patterns of thoughts and emotions, are critical if you want to look younger. But there is another element that we rarely think of. Muscles in other parts of the body can be exercised at the gym. If you do this correctly and take care of yourself, your body can look great all your life. The muscles in the face, though, usually get ignored, and they gradually atrophy, just like any unused muscle will eventually do. I realized this some time ago, and started to explore how the many muscles in the face could be maintained. Recently, I found Peta Prior (Facebook) (YouTube), and her YouTube Channel called “Facerobics”.

Peta has designed a complete system of facial rejuvenation, using a special exercise program that helps all of the muscle groups in the face and gradually brings back the original shape your face had years ago, or maintains the shape it has now, if you start the exercises as a young person. The complete face exercise program that Peta has put together in Facerobics is remarkable in itself. But she has gone farther. Most women, and some men, are unknowingly putting toxic chemicals into their blood through the skin from the makeup and skin care products they use every day. So Peta has created her own skin care and makeup line, using ingredients that feed the skin instead of poisoning it. She has now graciously agreed to come on Lost Arts Radio this week, and tell us all about her incredible program. I am actually doing her face exercise program myself, so I will be able to tell you first-hand what it actually does.

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