Lost Arts Radio Show #141 – Special Guest Al Whitney

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Al Whitney on Corruption In Government and Corporations

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 9/3/17

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Al Whitney

Listeners have been asking me to have Al Whitney back on the show, and I agree with them, she is a great guest with a lot of important information to share. In America, the government is supposed to exist primarily to protect the individual freedoms of Americans, and not much else. Our founders had a lot of intense debate over whether setting up a federal government was worth the risk of corruption and tyranny. They realized that some central power was necessary to protect the country from invasion, handle international affairs, and a very few specified functions domestically, from a list called the “enumerated powers.”

The idea made sense, a unique experiment in government set up and existing only with the consent of the people, to be rebuilt or exchanged for a better one if it ever got out of hand and showed signs of becoming tyrannical. Yet there is no system of government that works well in the absence of good character of the people themselves who must fill its positions. Gradually, people serving the interests of destruction and death (some for profit, others for much darker agendas) infiltrated government at all levels, federal to local. Government literally became a web of corporations, and made alliances with corporations in the private sector, to rob, deceive and ultimately destroy the people.

This Sunday, we have an opportunity to ask someone as knowledgeable as Al Whitney, how did this happen and is there anything she would recommend that we can do to fix it. One of the great things about Al Whitney is that in addition to her unusual depth of knowledge in many areas like law and certain health issues, she also knows that consciousness is the ultimate answer to most of the nasty situations we’re going to be discussing on this Sunday’s show. I want her to say something on that before we wrap up our discussion and have her share something special to her on that issue, which she has promised to do. Her website, www.anticorruptionsociety.com, is full of great educational material and documents you can study and use. I will be joining you in studying her material there, it is a valuable collection of learning tools we should benefit from.

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