Lost Arts Radio Show #295 – Special Guest Patrick Wood

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Technocracy Expert Patrick Wood – The Globalist Endgame Could Still Be Stopped

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 8/16/20

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Patrick Wood

Patrick Wood is a globally-recognized expert on the history of technocracy, and current state of the technocratic plans to enslave society worldwide. He is the author of Technocracy Rising and Technocracy: The Hard Road To World Order, both available at his website, www.technocracy.news. Patrick is an authority on United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030, Sustainable Development and “green” economics. He has been predicting the planned march to consolidated global tyranny for decades, and has unique insights into what we see developing around us now, with humanity being moved into a position of total surveillance and control, using the fear of a fake pandemic and terrorist rioting in cities, pretending to be about “racial justice.”

Apparently the global rulers have calculated that people are now dumbed-down and demoralized enough to fall for the biggest coordinated fraud in history, masquerading as a health catastrophe to justify total tyranny by unelected medical dictators. They have also determined that we are ready to obey the most illogical, ridiculous orders, such as wearing facemasks everywhere, including inside our homes, and staying physically away from each other, all in fear of a microscopic nemesis that was created just for this application. Death numbers attributed to this pandemic are made up, and easily accessible cures are censored, to make sure the fear and control are maintained, as we wait for a deadly vaccine that we are told will give us back our lives.

What will be the outcome of this drama that has taken over our lives? Will people wake up in sufficient numbers to say no to the new tyrants before they start requiring potentially deadly vaccines against the doctrine of Informed Consent, or do we have to descend into a new Dark Age to learn this lesson? That will start our discussion with Patrick Wood this Sunday. Where it goes from there we’ll find out together. In the meantime, check out about Patrick’s new project to rescue free speech from oblivion, at www.citizensforfreespeech.org.

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