Moloch Killing Children in New York

Ritual Child Abuse: New York State’s Forced Vaccination Program

In a single day, without a single public hearing or comment, the single-party-controlled New York State legislature and Governor Cuomo abolished decades-old religious exemptions to school vaccine mandates. Gone. Just like that! And, in so doing, abolished parental rights and the entire doctrine of Informed Consent.

As bad as that is, they did something even worse: they created a new category of Child Abuse: State Mandated Universal Pediatric Harm.

Immediately following this anti-science, anti-civil-rights, anti-national and international law, in rapid succession, the state educational bureaucracy then adopted draconian rules enforcing the new mandates, requiring children who had been vaccine-free to “catch-up” by receiving numerous vaccines (sometimes several dozen!) or be excluded from the government schooling to which they are entitled by law enumerated in the State Constitution. There have been no clinical studies on the health impact of such forced, repeated “catch-up” vaccinations. Indeed, there is absolutely no evidence showing that the entire pediatric vaccine schedule is safe, as even the United States’ own Institute of Medicine appears to admit.

In the same frenzy of state control of the bodies of the children of New York State,  the state education bureaucracy then restricted the authority of doctors (licensed by a different department of the State bureaucracy and required by law to perform their duties for the benefit of the patient, not of the state) to issue medical exemptions. The result is that in thousands of vaccine-injured (and thousands more vaccine -free) children are being forced by the state, against their parent’s wishes, and against their doctors’ medical judgement, to submit to “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines. The already vaccine-injured children are being “treated” at the behest of the state, against prudent medical advice against all previously accepted standards and restrictions on who was a “fit subject for vaccination.”

The echoes of genocide are loud in the legislative corridors of New York.

Continuing the assault on individual conscience and medical understanding, the state educational bureaucracy has especially targeted religious groups whose teachings do not allow vaccination, including Orthodox Jews and Amish Folk. At least one upstate Amish school was forced to close rather than submit to the state’s dictate.

To make matters even worse, although every child in New York is guaranteed access to a free public education, which can include school instruction, home schooling or home instruction (which are different), astoundingly, the excluded children are not being allowed to engage in “home instruction”, only home schooling. Home instruction means that various educational services, including accommodations for their handicaps, induced in most cases by the very vaccines which the state/school, not their doctors, are requiring.  They are barred from these services (such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, adaptive educational strategies, etc., because they are not being injected with state mandated toxins Home schooling, the only alternative left to these families, excludes children from these essential services and from the presumed benefits of the government’s schooling system.

I am a New York physician, licensed for over 49 years, and as a board-eligible Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist I am appalled at the cruel actions of the state education and medical bureaucracies.

Let me tell you a personal story: my son, whose 45th birthday is today as I write this, is highly gifted. Before his birth, his father and I moved to a house in suburban New York largely because of the outstanding public school system. Having been a school psychiatrist for years, I firmly believed in the values of a good public education.  I did believe at that time that there was such a thing.

As my son grew, it became evident that the curriculum was woefully inadequate for him since by age 4 he was fluent in nearly a dozen languages, composing adult-level music, doing advanced mathematics and so on.

My plan was for us to provide instructional education for him and have him participate in age-appropriate social and experiential activities like art and gym.

The school refused to provide any special services for him and his father and I sued the school district to provide appropriate accommodation for him.

We won.

A few years later the school decided to suck all students on various kinds of home education and instruction back into their schools because they were missing various reimbursements and capitations from state and federal agencies.

This time we sued to keep my son out of school since he was receiving his academic instruction from professors at MIT two days a week and doing the rest of his education in a variety of other venues for which the school could not provide an equivalent.

We won.

I know first-hand what it takes to identify the needs of your child and meet them, including legal recourse if necessary.

It is necessary in New York State at this point for parents who wish to protect their children from ritualized child abuse sanctioned, indeed, demanded by the State.

Having studied vaccination and the alleged ‘science’ behind it, I firmly believe from a medical standpoint that it is unethical for any physician to engage in vaccination of any one at any time for any reason.  Vaccines stand on pseudoscience at best, are, in the United States, illegally approved by a corrupt and self-dealing set of agencies and represent a broad and unwarranted experiment without the protection of Informed Consent.  Any medical experiment require such Informed Consent under US and International Law. Vaccination, an uninsurable, unsafe and ineffective medical procedure, is, in reality, not an exception legally, but that legal requirement has been obscured because of other agendas foisted on the public.

Since there have never been safety or efficacy studies on vaccination, according to the Institute of Medicine as well as independent scientists,  no patient or guardian can give truly Informed Consent for such a procedure.  Vaccination is totally unsupported by  any scientifically valid proof of safety or efficacy, despite the government propaganda to the contrary.

Oh, by the way, such scientifically valid proof of safety and efficacy must be presented to Congress on a regular basis.  We now know, thanks to a ground breaking law suit by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., of the Children’s Defense fund that not one such report has EVER been submitted to Congress as required by the 1986 law. That means that every single approval of every single vaccine in the United States violates the law.

Mandating an illegal substance for injection is not only irrational and illegal, it is, in my view also criminal and totally insane.

As a psychiatrist with extensive training and experience in child abuse, a mother and a citizen I call out the government of New York for committing ritual child abuse.  The vicious, unwarranted and irrational determination of the state education bureaucracy to force vaccine-free children to become as injured as the rest of our highly vaccinated child population (54% of whom take highly profitable and quite toxic chronic medication for preventable life-long chronic diseases and conditions) is an attempt to cover-up the Big Lie of Modern Medicine: vaccination is safe and effective, that it is  not actually irrational superstitious pseudo-science, imposed for the huge profit of the medical industry.

Consider this: if there are no vaccine-free children, the Big Lie can be perpetuated despite the fact that every study anywhere in the world which compares the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children shows huge advantages in NOT being vaccinated.

Those advantages extend far past autism and include being free of asthma, ADD/ADHD, atopic dermatitis, shingles, diabetes, leukemia and other cancers, auto immune disorders and a host of other serious long-term maladies.

It is even worse than that, however, when we consider government mortality rates for the last 150 years.

We see clearly that all infectious diseases, including those for which there has, in fact, never been a vaccine, such as Scarlet Fever, decline at the same rapid rate when clean water, hygiene, sanitation and improved diets, including green vegetables in winter, are introduced.

Water, hygiene, sanitation and nutrition prevent disease.  Vaccines do not and, in fact, increase the rate of illness in the vaccinated and the unvaccinated since the recently vaccinated frequently shed infective particles.

We, as a society, are destroying our children, whole generations of them, sacrificing them on the altar of profit, although the evidence is abundantly clear.

Censoring the truth does not make it any less true.  Vaccines kill and maim, they do not cure and prevent.

The science is abundantly and tragically clear.

Not only do vaccines not promote immunity, they damage it, damage the vitally important blood brain barrier, leave permanent damage behind in the wake of no protection and actually instead promote disease.  The indisputable increase in childhood autism, diabetes, cancer and other horrific conditions, including sudden infant death and microcephaly (falsely attributed to the innocuous Zika virus) which has occurred along with the increase in forced vaccination proves the Big Lie of Vaccination to be as horrific a medical mistake as has ever been recorded in the history of modern medicine.

Is it a mistake, though? Since Big Pharma, among the most powerful financial and social forces on the planet, profits from the vaccinations given and from the on-going downstream profits, life by life, illness by illness, is it a mistake?

An industry which routinely pays multi-billion-dollar fines for misstatement, mis-marketing and misdeeds with nary a shrug cannot be regarded as promulgating a simple medical mistake. And a government regulatory system which profits directly and indirectly from that supposed mistake cannot be held non-accountable for propagating and, now, becoming a fascist enforcer of that “mistake”.

Just as the medical community in centuries past rejected common-sense practices like hand-washing between procedures on patients and encouraged irrational “treatments” like blood-letting and medical mercury, or medicalizing the benefits of tobacco and cocaine as was not safe and effective, the medical community, and now the legal community, has once again committed itself to a false promotion of what the courts have called “unavoidably unsafe” vaccination.

The medical community has forgotten the first and only rule of ethical medicine: DO NO HARM.

And by rejecting this ancient wisdom the medical community has become complicit in the politicization of health care and child care, establishing a socially approved ritual child abuse norm.

As a child and adolescent psychiatrist, it is my sworn duty to protect children against abuse.  I am a mandated reporter and my license depends on honoring that mandated responsibility.

I have concluded that the fake therapy known as vaccination (after the original use of “cow pox “pus — in reality, pus from syphilitic lesions — as an immune system irritant) when forced on children is a form of state sanctioned and state supported child abuse.

When not forced upon children, but pushed by propagandized (and financially incentivized physicians and others) it is a form of state permitted child abuse.

In either case, vaccination is child abuse. Vaccination of elderly adults is elder abuse.  Vaccination of adults is insane.

The behavior of the state education and medical bureaucracies is tantamount to ritual child abuse wherein children are sacrificed to a false god and cruel lie. We are looking at a cult of Vaccinism based on fervor and falsehood, not science and rigor.

Vaccines did not end pandemic disease. In fact, in a quest to determine how to predict pandemics, epidemics and outbreaks, epidemiologists have discovered that the best way to predict them is to track vaccination programs.  Where they have occurred, the disease will manifest.

There is no such thing as herd immunity, but there certainly is such a thing as herd contamination through the well-documented phenomenon known as ‘shedding’ in which ineffective particles are disseminated by the recently (and, in some cases, not so recently) vaccinated.

CDC and WHO acknowledge the reality of shedding but ignore it as if it were of no consequence.

When the new cases of measles are caused by viruses of the same genome as the ones in the vaccine, as is happening currently, there can be no doubt of this danger. Similarly, when CDC confirms, again, that polio is spread by the recently vaccinated and that vaccinated children not only still get chicken pox, they get shingles, previously virtually unknown in children, the picture is clear.

But it is a picture that does not support government and private profits.  Better hygiene, sanitation and nutrition ended the pandemic diseases of centuries past. Vaccines are reintroducing them in our time.

I devoutly hope that there will be a reckoning for those who are willing and complicit in allowing, no, in compelling, children to be injured and dead to maintain their lies. The corruption of the state education and medical bureaucracies is no longer hidden. And it is immoral, dangerous to all and lethal to many.

It is not just the bought and paid for legislators to blame here for this atrocity. Pediatricians in the US, who typically do not vaccinate their own children, by the way, make, in general, more than half of their income from vaccination administration.

Dismissing patients from their practice who refuse to allow unsafe, untested and uninsurable substances to be injected into the bodies of their children, they are shameful excuses for the healers that they set themselves out to be.
In addition, there are the even more egregious physicians wreaking havoc on ethics and health at the same time.

I call-out these perpetrators of child abuse as examples, among too many, of disgraceful doctors, scientists, legislators and administrators:

  • Senator Richard “Dr. Mengele” Pan, who received millions of dollars in Big Pharma money to run for office and impose forced childhood vaccination in California.
  • “Medical Ethicist” and pediatrician Dr. Paul “A baby can safely tolerate 10,000 vaccines” Offitt of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who made millions by voting t the CDC to approve his own vaccines as “recommended” by the Advisory Committee on Immunzation Practices of the CDC.
  • The entire Federal Medical Establishment for holding over 50 patents on vaccines that it foists on the American Public as though these dangerous substances were beneficial when the only benefit is to themselves
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics for unscientifically and unethically accepting revenue for both advertising and direct support from the industry that produces the vaccines that it so enthusiastically endorses and supports in the absolute absence of either legal or scientific justification
  • The American Medical Association for their stance that all people should be forced to enroll in clinical trials and that notification is not necessary of such trials in which people might receive and active agent or might receive a placebo without being informed that they were in such an experiment “for the good of society”.
  • The United States Congress for passing the Twentieth Century Cures Act which allows drug companies to conduct clinical trials of up to 8000 people without notifying them that they are in a clinical trial in which the treatment they receive might be real or might be sham.

Sadly, tragically, and the list goes on and on.

Forced vaccination, which directly violates the principles of the Nuremberg Code, is a crime against humanity and is, I believe, both medically wrong and blatantly illegal in the US.

While justice may be delayed, while another generation of children may suffer, I do everything in my power to assure that Big Lie of Vaccination is widely understood as  the vile evil it is — and the school and medical bureaucracies will, with their paymasters in Big Pharma, earn the well-deserved scorn and repugnance of all humans who love their children and demand freedom of choice in health care.

Only by asserting your Right to Informed Consent will your right to freedom of choice be preserved.

The Natural Solutions Foundation, of which I am proud to serve as Medical Director, has taken these matters very seriously since they are, quite literally, matters of life and death.  I urge you to visit to learn more about this vital issue and how you can protect yourself and your cherished ones.

Rima E. Laibow MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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