Murdochs’ Conspiracy Skeptics

By Brett Smith


Murdoch Journalist Kylar Loussikian

Ahhh Murdoch you’ve done it again. And again. And again. If you hadn’t noticed by now I hate Murdoch, News Corp and everything they stand for. I know Murdoch is just some other psychopaths’ puppet  but I get the feeling Rupert loves his work…A lot!

Anyways, I won’t go off on my usual rant about how he has helped destroy Western democracy and culture, sold the world a criminal war that has led directly to the carnage the world faces today, or even go into in illegal activities with Genie Energy with Dick Cheney & the notorious Rothschilds in Syria. Let’s just say he not only has blood on his hands he is up to his elbows in it.

This story is a little more personal. This is about the media and (of course) Skeptic attack on a brave and gentle academic. Someone I consider a friend, Dr Judy Wilyman. I have a more in depth article coming on the despicable attacks upon her but today I will focus on this nasty little piece of ‘journalism’. Take it away Kylar Loussikian.

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“It was mid-October when Judy Wilyman was the guest of honour at a self-styled “scholarly forum” at the University of Technology Sydney. Beside her was Brett Smith, a naturopath and anti-vaccination activist. A notable absence: medical professionals or immunisation researchers. That absence has, as The Australian revealed last week, become something of a pattern in Dr Wilyman’s work and that of her PhD supervisor, Brian Martin.”

Well Kylar, I wonder about your sources (Not. Australian Skeptics Inc, and the equally putrid Friends Of Science & Medicine). If you’d done a little more research (some call it journalism) you would have known that these exact people were in fact invited  to participate in this  public forum about vaccinations.

Australian Medical Association 
Department of Health
Department of Social Services



Minister for Social Services Hon Christian Porter


Minister of Health The Hon Sussan Ley MP

Robert Booey

Professor Robert Booey Head of Clinical Research at (NCIRS)

Peter cropped_lynda_KKedit (1)

Professor Peter McIntyre Director of National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance ( NCIRS)


Associate Professor Julie Anne Leask Visiting fellow NCIRS

MarkFerson .jpg

Professor Mark Ferson South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

Professor Raina MacIntyre  Head of the School of Public Health and
Community UNSW

Professor David Isaacs Clinical Professor Paediatrics & Child Health, Children’s Hospital

Various Immunologists and Scientists from Sydney University, UNSW, Royal Prince Alfred hospital, Westmead and Prince of Wales.

Did you bother to check this Kylar? Or would it have ruined the flavour of your story?

“The university late last year accepted Dr Wilyman’s PhD thesis — which claims a serious conspiracy between the World Health Organisation, charitable vaccination groups and the pharmaceutical industry — and has steadfastly backed it since.”

Here we go down the rabbit hole. Or we are told we are. The old conspiracy theory call. I find it hard to believe, in this day and age, that people can still be ridiculed for ‘being a conspiracy theorist’. I mean seriously, the whole world watched an American President assassinated in front of their very eyes but I don’t think anyone truly believes Lee Harvey was the lone gunmen and Jack Ruby was a patriot. Do they? And this was in 1963! What about Saddam’s WMD? Governments lie. We all know it. Big Business lie. We all know it. Bad Pharma? Say no more

I don’t take much notice of words, actions speak for themselves, and the actions of the feudal lords on our planet today are all about war, murder, money, and power. That is the main game? Conspiracy? Who knows but death and destruction are all about you so maybe just wise up. We bomb children in their beds in Syria and Iraq then hand out MMR vaccines like lollipops. Murdoch doesn’t give a rat’s arse about these children, you think he gives a shit about their vaccination status?

Back to this conspiracy though. Do I believe Bad Pharma could conspire with Governments and ‘charitable vaccination groups’ to make hundreds of billions of dollars for themselves by pushing as many vaccines as possible onto every man, woman, and child on this planet? You bet your bottom dollar I do. The is one of the most criminally disgraced industries on our planet today.

So shock, horror. If Dr Wilyman suggests there maybe an issue here I think Kylar could make more of a name for himself by exposing that criminal corruption than by attacking an academic at his Master’s beckoning. What you think Kylar? How about some meat in your story?

“When Dr Wilyman spoke at the October panel, she would have been nearing the final stages of work on the thesis. The university had plenty of time to consider how it would react to the inevitable questions about the paper.”

And? What Kylar? Maybe the university did take the time to consider how it would react. Maybe it just didn’t react the way your nasty arse boss and the awful Australian Skeptics,Friends of Science & Ignorance wanted it to? Maybe they just decided not to bow down to bully media moguls with serious agendas? Maybe they just decided to support an innocent & brave academic who is only telling the truth ? Maybe they decided to support the investigation of science? Tough luck trolls, suck it up, move on, there is nothing for you here.

“Dr Wilyman and Professor Martin have both been targeted by a series of complaints to the university, including a lengthy criticism of her masters thesis, which was investigated last year.”

All from our usual slimy suspects, The Australian Skeptics Inc and the Friends of (un)Science & Ignorance. Know what trolls, and I hate to be the Quack to break it to you, but, your names are mud now. When a politician or a university reach for the phone knowing one of you clowns are on the other end, they know exactly what they are gonna get. A complaint about a homeopath or a chiropractor or an ‘anti vaxxer’. Yawn.

In attempting to muddy the names of all you stand against you’ve just crapped all over your own. Yes. Your name is crap. You’re as crazy, if not crazier than any ‘anti vaxxer’ out there. To catch a monster you must become a monster right?  Doh! Look at you all, crazy as hell on your keyboards screaming at the moon that some homeopath down your street is selling arsenicum album while you wash down a few statins with your zoloft and cab sav. You’re a crazy as a cut snake Skeptic and everyone knows it.

“The outcomes of that investigation remain confidential, although the university’s deputy vice-chancellor (research) Judy Raper wrote to Dr Wilyman, telling her she “would like to personally say I am sincerely sorry for this to have happened”.

Classic Murdoch name and shame here, huh Kylar? Now you are just becoming as detestable as most of your News Corp buddies. I gag just writing that name News Corp. I pray every day that in my lifetime I will see creeps like Bush, Blair, Cheney, Howard, and Murdoch being cuffed and led away from court for a spell in the penitentiary for war crimes. Oh the joy that image brings me. Anyways lets hope Karma exists in this lifetime cause their ends gotta be God awful. Watching Howard getting voted out of his own seat came close I must admit.  Fingers crossed.

“No other action was taken, but the criticisms — of the PhD as well as masters papers — continue.”

That so Kylar? Where is all this criticism? Mums and dads protesting on the streets? Only criticism are coming from News Corp and all the same slime bags I’ve already mentioned with all their tawdry agendas. Propping up the Bad Pharma narrative. Not an easy job being PR for Charles Manson so I do admire them in some respects. Defending the indefensible is no easy feat. Helps of course if you are a soulless turd. What are the criticisms ? Most of these fools have not even read the thesis. Bet you haven’t Kylar?

“At the heart of the issue is whether the work is backed up byscience.Many medical practitioners and researchers, both in Australia and abroad, have already pointed out serious errors, which Professor Martin and the theses examiners should have detected at the time of research.”

Many? Who? How many? Lots? Name and shame these cowards? Don’t worry I will be. Where were all these brave souls back in mid October? They were all invited. Not one timid soul had the courage to take a stand for science. Not one. Hiding behind keyboards and cowardly articles like this is their modus operandi. And they like to consider themselves science advocates? Oh dear! You haven’t gone into these failings of science though I note. Serious errors though? Point em out mofo, what sort of a journalist are you? A News Corp one. Yep

“However, because the research was conducted through the university’s social sciences faculty, it may not have been checked by medical experts — and the university has declined to name the examiners, citing its usual policies of nondisclosure.”

May not have? Does this mean it may have been checked by medical experts? Maybe? You don’t know Kylar. Declined to name the examiners. That cuts you too, a good tar and feathering could have taken place here and, boy, you’d have all enjoyed that. Sad old Peter Alexander Tierney  could have written a lovely blog about them, posted photos of their workplaces and maybe the addresses of the schools their children attend. All for the cause though huh Pete? Saving the world at the taxpayers expense. Anyways enough of my good friend Pete, his story is for another day.

“Some of the criticisms were summarised by Alison Campbell, an associate dean and biological sciences lecturer at New Zealand’s University of Waikato, in a blistering analysis published yesterday.”

What have we here? A real scholar willing to have a crack. put her name to the story. Hope it is better than the last New Zealand scholar and doctor , Helen Petousis-Harris, they dragged out to attack Dr Wilyman. She ended up embroiled in her own little medical scandal (still ongoing, article on that coming soon).


Dr Helen Petousis Harris attacked Judy Wilymans’ Phd before becoming involved in her own scandal regarding Gardasil Safety

Anyway what’s up Alison?

“Professor Campbell points out numerous scientific errors in Dr Wilyman’s master’s work, including the unexplained exclusion of two of four types of vaccine components, an alarming omission for a paper on immunisation. Professor Campbell and others have also repeatedly noted the use of out-of-date references, including a 62-year-old textbook, while Dr Wilyman’s PhD thesis includes references to a book published more than a century ago.”

Hmmm? Old references? Well I hate to tell you all but when it comes to vaccination science good modern references are not easy to come by. Good, modern, non-industry funded references are even more difficult to find. In fact a challenge for you Kylar. Find me some non-industry funded references on the safe injectable doses of aluminium and mercury for infants. Have fun bud. Seriously though, is this it?  This would be laughable if it wasn’t so disgraceful. Sounds like Dr Wilyman’s thesis doesn’t have a lot wrong with it ? What you think Kylar?

“Both Dr Wilyman and Professor Martin have repeatedly declined requests to answer questions. But in a newsletter sent out to her anti-vaccination group, Dr Wilyman suggests The Australian is merely engaging in “name-calling” and should provide “accountability for the national vaccination schedule”.”

Not The Australian? A filthy Murdoch rag. Murdoch’s papers parrot Murdoch’s agendas. War and promotion of terrorism. Oil and mining. Destruction of unions. Pharmaceutical companies and the destruction of natural medicine. Just to name a few. Wish we had a free press in this country but those days are over. Could not agree more though, the national vaccine schedule needs serious scrutiny. Too many unnecessary vaccines for too many unnecessary diseases with too many unnecessarily toxic ingredients. Wake up fools, you been Murdoched for too long.

“It is a national vaccination schedule that Dr Wilyman alleges is manipulated for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies by the WHO and other groups, which exaggerate the benefits of immunisation and attempt to minimise coverage of health issues.”

Could not agree more. Fact.

“More than 60 Wollongong academics have now spoken out against vaccination scaremongering, including Alison Jones, executive dean of the science, medicine and health faculty.”

Let’s name and shame these suckers then. Any agendas? Any industry sponsorships (tis a big gravy train this one, with deep pockets)? Have you suckled from the trough of Big Bad Pharma in any way. Hoping to? Are you a Friend of (un)Science and Ignorance? Are you a Star Trek fan? Do you own more than 5 cats? Hmmm? Suspicious about your 60 Wollongong academics Murdoch? In saying that Skeptic trolls are like cockroaches so, maybe? Plenty of experts said Saddam had WMD’s and we all know how that panned out. Don’t we Rupert?


“The university’s vice-chancellor Paul Wellings has “looked at this thesis”, a spokesman said, but declined to provide public commentary.

“Because a PhD thesis is an educational process as well as a contribution to academic knowledge, they can sometimes contain imperfections or material that is open to debate,” the spokesman said.”

Could not have said it better myself. What you think Kylar? Sound fair mate? Na…you’re just gonna go on another Murdoch attack, aided and abetted  by your sad (bought) Skeptic troll mates. Surely anyone who has aspirations to be a real journalist would consider News Corp the 7th circle of Hell? Get out of there son, leave putrid, nasty pieces like this to theJane Hansens and Claire Harveys of the world. What’s a nice boy like you working for a monster named Murdoch?


Murdochs’ Conspiracy Skeptics

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