Why Friends of Science banned its own Rubella science?


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Key Question : Why did someone within the Friends of Science in Medicine hierarchy ask their spiritual leader, Professor John”cherry-picker” Dwyer, to remove his detailed response to my Linkedin post called Hot Seat for Professor Rowe, friend of science , which I posted on 23 March 2016.

Did Professor “Cherry Picker” fire off his bullets too prematurely 24 hours later on his own home page at the “Friends” site at Friends of “cherry-picking”science in medicine website and disclaimer.

I say Professor John Dwyer made the same mistake as the authors of the Australian Immunisation Handbook , by cherry-picking the use of acritical systematic review by the absolute peak globally recognisedCochrane Collaboration on a certain prominent vaccine.

And as said  by that TV star Gomer Pyle (a simple man for those old enough to remember like me with a Seniors Card),  “SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE” – that Cochrane review was performed  upon the darling jewel of the vaccination crown, the coveted and “uncontroversial” MMR vaccine. see Cochrane review on MMR vaccine .If Minister Jill “all vaccines are safe” Hennessy decides to read this Cochrane, she should check out the authors conclusions relating to the standards of safety studies done to date. Hmm – No Jab No Pay = CAN of Worms to Come.

I find it challenging to believe obvious “mistakes” like this omission of the only systematic review of MMR evidence can be made by our most revered doctors, academics and scientists, when we are talking about our precious newborn. We don’t need to mention politicians here, do we, as they dine away with ??? to fund our TV ads in the next 8 weeks.

Then again, I say cherry – picking is an art form when it comes to so-called evidence based science, screamed by our Friends of Big Pharma in Medical Malpractice.

How many other “mistakes” have been made with the vaccination science, or any other Big Pharma drug. I am a newbie to the science of vaccinations by the way, having only started drilling down three months ago into this seemingly pseudo-science grab bag. And yes, I find a vaccine is the holy descriptive name for a poorly tested drug which cannot be publicly discussed without extreme intimidation. Come on down Dr Ken Harvey soon no doubt.

Hmmm- so why does Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) exempt the category of drugs called vaccines from its mandatory safety and efficacy guidelines, which apply to all other areas of medical intervention?

There are two answers! My answer, mandatory only means mandatory when you want it to be mandatory, otherwise it would be very embarrassing for most mainstream medicine participants.

The official answer in the Australian Immunisation Handbook to be found electronically at  Development of the 10th edition of the Handbook  namely:

“The 1st edition of the Australian Immunisation Handbook was published in 1975. Due to its longevity, scope and complexity, the Handbook does differ from other NHMRC guidelines. As such, recommendations contained in the Handbook do not contain formal levels or grades of evidence for evidence tables.”

Bad luck the NHMRC applied last year the strict blowtorch of its mandatory guidelines to 17 natural therapy professions, some of which have been progressing quite nicely for thousands of years before the Handbook’s genesis in 1975.  See NHMRC stitch up on natural therapies.

Fee fi fo fum, do I smell the blood of a conspiratorial mob here. See  Fee-fi-fo-fum for younger readers.

Again, let me say I am not pro or anti or an anti over-vaccinator, I am a MASSIVE supporter of EXCEPTIONAL INFORMED CONSENT and a level playing field for evidence based science.

Why? Because we are now exponentially jabbing our newborn, and now even their pregnant mothers, compared to when I became a parent 29 years ago. And I am struggling with my search for good science, and obviously so are the Friends of Science In Medicine. Maybe Professor John needs to phone a Friend.

And guess what- the vaccine development pipeline is off the map if you read the latest 6th edition of the main textbook called “Vaccines”. Plus adults are an absolute massive prime strategic target for the next vaccination assault on our freedoms, if you study the Australian government’s strategy plans. More soon.

So back to Professor Dwyer’s blog in response to mine WHICH HAS DISAPPEARED OFF THE FRIENDS OF SCIENCE IN MEDICINE’S WEBSITE at Friends (Really of Big Pharma and Jill Hennessy”) – here it is though — lucky I kept a copy Professor.

First the Prof C-P posted a comment on my Post as follows:

“John Dwyer
Professor at University of NSW
Those interested in reviewing the abundant evidence for the safety and effectiveness of Rubella vaccination could consult the FSM website where we have placed such data” President of FSMof medical trial “science”.

Then Professor John wrote this little charming piece about me, the unnamed blogger, on the actual homepage of his cherry-picking site right at the top (my italics included):

“A recent  blog has questioned the safety and efficacy of Rubella vaccination. The blogger has targeted individual FSM Friends, demanding that they respond to questions on the issue or face serious consequences,threatening that a complaint to the individual’s  employer would follow if they did not do so.

This repugnant tactic is the more ridiculous in that targeted FSM supporters may have no expertise in vaccination epidemiology and immunology. Such behaviour is reprehensible. We are not about to enter a slanging match on the blogger’s terms, but vaccination is too important an issue to be continually misrepresented, so we are placing  on our website some data and references to a series of scientific studiesdemonstrating the safety and effectiveness of Rubella vaccination.

Congenital Rubella is greatly diminished with routine vaccination of girls. Rubella infection in early pregnancy causes deafness (60-70%), heart defects (10-25%), ophthalmic disorders e.g. retinopathy, cataracts (10-25%), brain defects e.g. mental retardation, microcephaly (10-25%), thrombocytopenia and later in life diabetes and thyroid disease. 


 Those interested in scientific studies on the Rubella vaccine may be interested in the following;


So let’s examine my key question  at the outset, namely :

Key Question : Why did someone within the Friends of Science in Medicine hierarchy ask their spiritual leader, Professor John”cherry-picker” Dwyer, to remove his detailed response to my Linkedin post called Hot Seat for Professor Rowe, friend of science I posted on 23 March 2016.

After all, the Prof C-P did say in his blog :

” We are not about to enter a slanging match on the blogger’s terms, but vaccination is too important an issue to be continually misrepresented, so we are placing on our website some data and references to a series of scientific studies demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of Rubella vaccination.”

Maybe someone reminded Professor Dwyer that this “REPUGNANT AND REPREHENSIBLE BLOGGER” was only referring to the Cochrane Collaboration Reviews, the scientific “holy grail” essence of the Friends of Science, and AHPRA’s, attack on natural medicine professions.

And I might add, there is a direct funding of Cochrane Collaboration by the NHMRC, the approving body of the guidelines underpinning the Australian Immunisation Handbook, so it is hard to believe it was an innocent mistake to cherry pick Cochrane when it comes to the MMR vaccine. So who knows what else I will find with my merry band of assisting researchers.

So an innocent mistake Professor, or are you the ring leader in a criminal conspiracy, or is it just a civil conspiracy. Doesn’t feel like a civil fight to me my FRIENDS OF SCIENCE. It feels like I have stumbled on your criminal conspiracy to destroy the whole of the natural medicine professions. Lucky the WILK’s case in the USA already succeeded on similar fact situations.

Finally as I said five years ago to the AHPRA head kicker leading a VCAT attack on a brilliant hyperbaric oxygen therapist I assisted through 66 hearing days:

“People in Glass Houses Should not Throw Stones”

I find the head of Friends of Science in Medicine’s behaviour repugnant and reprehensible; clearly a blatant “slanging match”; a typical diatribe of the Friends of Science’s who make an art form of bullying and hypocritical behaviour against all supporters of natural medicine and wellness therapies.

Indeed is Professor John Dwyer guilty of making false and misleading statements and bringing his profession, and the Friends of Science in Medicine, into disrepute?

Should the usually conspiring AHPRA “guillotiners” turn on one of their own, and hold a mainstream medical practitioner to account. Or is the Professor above the law, just like the former Victorian Health Commissioner, Ms Beth Wilson, when she clearly breached the VCAT Act invoking a maximum sentence of three months jail? Blind eyes being turned everywhere down in the Victorian A-G’s department I am afraid, in case chill winds hinder the carnage to come now Minister Jill “all vaccines are safe” Hennessy rammed her latest Exocet missile through the Victorian Parliament last month, the  Health Complaints Act.

Maybe I should ask a Friend for help to shed light on why the Friends brought down their website Rubella information? Maybe Professor Rowe might be the one again perhaps. He never did reply by the way. Lucky I know his Chairman  from 30 years ago back in my old venture capital days.

Blogging can get get you into hot water, but so can joining blogging societies like Friends of Science.

Until we meet again. Hope to have my own website up soon to take the cause to another level. FightPHARMAcorruption.com.…..keep watching.



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