#DontYouDare: Dr Rima’s New Year’s COVID Prediction

2020 Deaths Lower than Previous Years
Prediction:  COVID Vaxx Injuries and Deaths,
Mislabeled “COVID-19” will Lead in 2021

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, December 30, 2020

“For the first time in 4 years, Americans are living longer lives”, according to recent data from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. [1]  Life expectancy for Americans increased by 0.1 year, from 78.6 years in 2017 to 78.7 years in 2018. The increase was largely due to declines in lung cancer mortality, infant mortality, and deaths from unintentional injuries such as drug overdoses and accidents.” [2]

Let me say that again: the increase was largely due to declines in lung cancer mortality, infant mortality and deaths from drug overdoses and accidents.

People were driving less so fewer died on the road and either the lockdown made it harder to get enough drugs for an overdose or the quality of drugs somehow went up.

But wait! We have lived through nearly a year of a vast and horrible pandemic where hundreds of thousands of Americans died who would otherwise not have died.  After all, they died OF the pandemic, FROM COVID, whatever that might mean, so their body count should count for something, like an increase in deaths, shouldn’t it?

How odd, you might say, in a year of a Declared Pandemic with the public health authorities telling us that hundreds of thousands have died “from” COVID,  yet more Americans are living longer.  The gross number of deaths in the USA in 2020 will actually be lower than in recent years, by hundreds of thousands of people. Average life expectancy went UP in the US although we have been trained to believe, as if it were a matter of religious dogma that cannot be questioned, that we have lost vast numbers of people who would otherwise be alive and well today because of one factor and one factor only: COVID.

Yet, in a year in which infants missed their “well baby” visits to pediatricians and therefore missed their usual vaccines,  and many cancer patients did not get the chemotherapy they were anticipating, life span increased and we see a reduction in both infant and cancer mortality! Curious indeed.

That’s the Background.

The foreground is the COVID vaccine EUA – Emergency Use Authorization. 

The “approved” vaccines remain experimental under that EUA and no one can be forced to take them. [3]  Nonetheless the presumptive president-elect, Joe Biden, issued a major, but profoundly disturbing, anti-science statement on COVID yesterday [4] calling upon all Americans to mask when in public (he said ‘It is our patriotic duty’, in the face of the vast tide of scientific studies that show literally no place for masking in the general public), during his anticipated first 100 days as president, and promising 100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days.  That is one million jabs each day. For a rapidly developed pair of vaccines whose carefully screened and selected recipients have been observed, in a few cases for as long as 14 weeks and, in most cases, for a total period of only 8 weeks.

Consider that the FDA/CDC had established a smart phone App for First Responders to report vaccine adverse reactions.  After over 5,000 serious reactions in just the first few days, the App was terminated. It appears that the adverse reaction rate for the EUA vaccines is running between 2 and 4%.  This is a very high adverse reaction level, even for vaccines!

That leads me to my first prediction and it is based on logic and math.

3%  of 1 million is 30,000 people. We can expect the adverse events to become more serious as more and more immunocompromised and chronically ill people receive the vaccine. I would assume that the numbers will increase, but let’s just leave it at 3%.

On Day One that means that 30,000 people will be too sick to go to work, to take care of the kids, to drive the buss, to take or teach the class. Let’s say that 1/3 of them need someone to help take care of them so another 10,000 people are helping them out, feeding them, getting them to the doctor’s office or ER or Urgent Care Center, getting their prescriptions filled and so on.

Let’s assume that half of them can go back to work the next day.

On Day Two we’ve got half of yesterday’s 40K back at work  with 20K still out, some of whom are very sick, indeed, and now in hospital plus today’s 40K or 60K people ill and unable to carry out their responsibilities.

On Day Three we’ll assume that half of the first day’s adverse event victims and helpers are back to their lives so we’ve only got 10K from Day One, plus the 20K from Day Two plus today’s 40K or a total of 70K people impacted by the adverse event profile of the vaccination shots.

Day Four? if only 5K are still ill or supporting those who are ill on Day One are out of commission (and some may be dead), we have 10 K from Day Two, 20 K from yesterday and a new 40K today for a total of 75K.

And on and on, in Biden Land, until 400,000 people have had serious adverse events themselves, been caught up in assisting those who have had such events, or both.

Serious Adverse Events, directly caused by the experimental mRNA vaccines. will devastate our population, kill and severely injure some of them, deliver a profound blow to our economy, further devastate our society and introduce a totally unnecessary, but massively devastating REAL blow to the local, national and global society from which only the destroyers, the globalists, will benefit.

This, of course, says absolutely nothing about the long term effects of this novel vaccine technology.

All vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe,” as ruled by numerous US Courts, with the exception of this one. The COVID-19 vaccines are avoidably unsafe. Avoid them.

2-4% of 1 Million = If a million people a day in the USA receive a COVID vaccine there will be around 50,000 nearly immediate serious adverse reactions daily because only the carefully screened population that received the vaccine had an adverse event rate that high and others who would not have been eligible for the trials will likely react far worse. 

But here’s the kicker, the heart of my prediction.

Anyone running the numbers can see that there will be a huge increase of people who are sick and dying following vaccination — UP TO 50,000 EACH DAY! But all that illness will be blamed on a new, worse, more devastating version of the COVID-19 virus and more vaccines, including vector and DNA vaccines, will be called for.

Bill Gates will smile his sideways smile and tell us that we are lucky because the next COVID vaccine is just around the corner and once we have that, well, we’ll all feel better.

You see, the huge increase in hospitalizations and deaths will be blamed on an increase in the virulence of COVID, not on its true cause, the vaccines themselves. 

And then, maybe the depopulationists will get what they want: a real, not an imagined, increase in mortality and a drop in the average life expectancy.

If we let them!

What should you do to protect yourself from becoming a COVID vaxx statistic? 

Just say #DontYouDare!  Learn how to assert your masking and Informed Consent rights here:  https://tinyurl.com/maskexemption

And share this information as widely as you can using #DontYouDare and this permalink: http://www.opensourcetruth.com/new-years-covid-prediction/

Rima E. Laibow, MD



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