#DontYouDare Prof. John Reizer Poses a Question You MUST Answer

Thanks to our friends at the PPJ Gazette, I can bring you a simple, profound and possibly life-saving question that you MUST answer.  [1] I suggest you do so wiyth care, as if your life and very genes were at stake.  In fact, they are.

Professor Reizer teaches clinical sciences and loathes multiple choice questions on exams.  Perhaps that’s why he chose one for this most brutally important question about your personal and genetic future.

“Do you remember taking multiple-choice exams in school? I hated these tests because there were certain instances when I knew the answer to a question, but the answers that were available to select didn’t fit the question.

As an associate professor of clinical sciences, I always made my exams in an essay format. I wanted to see if my students knew the subject matter and could articulate those answers intelligently.

What do you do in an uncomfortable situation where a multiple-choice question doesn’t have an acceptable choice for an answer?  Hopefully, if the exam is written properly, you can choose the detractor “none of the above” and move on.

There is never a time when taking one of these tests that you should select a multiple-choice answer you know is the wrong one.

When should you receive an untested, unproven, experimental vaccine?

A. When you are told to receive one by a tyrannical government.

B. When the mainstream media makes you feel like not receiving one is placing others at risk.

C. When you are told by health regulatory agencies that a virus is spreading and killing more people each day.

D. When other citizens pressure you to receive one.

E. None of the above.

Sometimes, the best answer is none of the above. Sometimes, the best course of action is not taking any action, and you live to fight another day.

We are all being asked to take an IQ test. And unfortunately, a lot of people are going to score poorly. Many citizens are frightened by the plandemic psyop. When people are scared, they make bad decisions, like deciding to receive an untested, unproven, experimental vaccine.”

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[1] https://ppjg.me/2020/12/28/when-should-you-receive-an-untested-unproven-experimental-vaccine/



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