Nurse Rocks The Casbah In Morocco, Refuses To Administer Expired Vaccines, Gets Suspended From Her Job

Expired vaccines

Nurse in Morocco Shocks Her Superiors By Refusing To Administer Expired Vaccines To Children, Gets Promptly Suspended

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“I was only following orders.”

These are the famous last words of many a coward before he or she is sentences to prison or death, usually in the wake of some criminal activity that was perpetrated by the military, police, or other government entity.

And indeed, the discipline and cohesion and effectiveness of any fighting force is reliant on the assurance that its members will obey orders; the army or police force cannot by their very nature be an open democracy within the ranks, not if it is to perform its duties well.

But did you know there is a clause in the U.S. military code, Article 92, which makes it a crime for a soldier to disobey any “lawful” order?

Thus to disobey an unlawful order form a superior becomes the duty of the soldier, a duty that a nurse in Morocco fully understands, even if her superiors do not.

At the Rural Health Center in Al Hoceima, a nurse named Azzahra Al Fiafi stopped administering injections of vaccines to children because she was concerned that the lots had expired and would cause further medical complications.

As was later proven, the vaccines were stored improperly, overheated beyond what is medically and legally acceptable. They had reached temperatures of 18°C (64.4°F) a full 10°C above the legal limit.

But rather than being praised for likely saving the health and possibly the lives of several children, she was suspended, and faces a hearing before a disciplinary committee.

In her defense, Azzahra Al Fiafi wrote two letters informing public officials why she disobeyed her orders, explaining about the potentially contaminated vaccines. The letters were ignored, and her supervisors ordered her to use the vaccines regardless of the potential health consequences for the children recieving them.

For her part, Azzahra Al Fiafi stood up to the doctors ordering her to endanger the lives of children and refused to inject them with dangerous, expired vaccines.

In the face of a global storm of criticism, officials there have attempted to silence her by accusing her of disclosing confidential professional information.

This is a clear demonstration that vaccinations are means of control, and when someone throws a monkey wrench into that system of control, the powers-that-be will drop the hammer on them. Keep up the fight, and here’s to nurse Azzahra Al Fiafi for doing her part and inspiring us all.

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