When Government Controls The Information, Information Will Not Be Free: How Gmail And Others Colluded To Covertly Attack Controversial Website

Your Freedom To Access Information Just Got A Bit Narrower: How Government Colludes With Gmail And Yahoo To Limit Your Access To Controversial Websites

For many of us, the Snowden revelations were not, in principle, terribly surprising.

When Edward Snowden dropped his NSA spying bombshell, many of us nodded and said to our friends and family something like, “This is what I’ve been trying to tell you for years.”

Granted, their brazenness, and the extent and reach of the tools the NSA employs to spy on U.S. citizens and anyone else they choose to were somewhat surprising.

But living under a government that has more and more taken on the appearance of an entity of imprisonment rather than governance–think about the TSA patrolling the corridors of airports with drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs, think about police stops for the flimsiest of reasons demanding ID, think about how differently the system of justice operates for those who are guarding the inmates than it does for the inmates themselves–many of us weren’t at all shocked.

What has been surprising is the degree to which private companies have seen fit to roll over and play dead when the government chooses to snoop on their customers, and otherwise control their access to information.

Take for instance what is unfolding at the Natural Solutions Foundation. The administrators woke up the other day to discover that the foundation’s mailing list–the life-blood of any non-profit foundation with a mission to reach people and disseminate vital information–had been summarily trimmed by some 40,000 email addresses.

This is the result of Gmail and Yahoo collusion with the government. How do they know this?

Because it isn’t the first time these agencies, reasonably suspected to be working at the behest of government forces, have resorted to this kind of trickery when dealing with Natural Solutions Foundation.

The foundation has previously been the subject of government attacks under the umbrella of so-called Operation Choke Point, a shady government black op in which the financial resources of a group or individual are frozen and seized without due process or any chance for redress. The victims of these governmental crimes aren’t even allowed their day in court to counter whatever arguments are being arrayed against them–they just wake up one day to find that their money is gone.

These operations are clearly intended to silence and intimidate the foundation into quiet submission. But for the foundation’s trustee and medical director Dr. Rima E Laibow, M.D., such heavy-handed tactics have only strengthened her resolve to continue fighting the good fight.

“We are doing good work targeting the globalists’ most vulnerable deceptions–and giving people the tools that they can use to protect themselves from unwanted vaccines and other dangers,” she said in a statement. “Clearly, they don’t like that very much!”

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