OKLAHOMA, OK! Senate Dumps Bill Canceling Vax Mandates for Kids!

If Vaccines Are Such A Good Idea Why Do They Have to Be Forced on US?
If Vaccines Are Such A Good Idea Why Do They Have to Be Forced on US?

Efforts to take away your vaccine exemption rights are underway around the world. The Oklahoma Senate panel wisely killed a bill to remove the personal exemption for mandatory vaccinations for public school students.

The bill died in the Senate Education Committee 6/7.  It was in that committee because the original committee assignment of the bill, the Health and Human Services Committee, chaired by Sen. Rob Standridge (R-Norman) refused to hear it.

Undeterred the provax religionists placed it in Education Committee where they hoped for a more pleasing outcome.

One of the activists opposing the bill, “The senators seemed to be looking at the research provided to them rather than believing what the media has said and we are excited they are actually looking at it and taking note of what parents want,” Megan Sutton said.

If Sutton is right, of course, that makes for a nice change.

Sen. Ervin Yen, a cardiac anesthesiologist, said the exemption rate used to be 0.3 percent, but it’s now 1.5 percent. Apparently referring to the now-disproven theory of Herd Immunity, Dr. Yen failed to notice:

  1. That if the vaccines worked, it would not be necessary to worry about how many people in the community because vaccinated people would not get the disease in questions while, according to his belief system, vaccinated ones might. and
  2. If Herd Immunity were real, it would require 68% of the population to be vaccinated, not the magical and scientifically unsupported 95% rate that is touted.  However,
  3. If the rate of unvaccinated children reached 1.5%, that would leave a staggering 98.5% of the population vaccinated.
  4. In South Korea, with a vaccination rate of 98.5% against pertussis, the death rate from pertussis has increased 11000% since mandatory pertussis vaccination was implemented
  5. In China, with a measles vaccination rate of 99.5%, measles outbreaks are frequent and measles deaths are, as well, whereas before vaccination, measles deaths were virtually unknown.



Liza Greve, the leader of Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice, declared that she was pleased the measure failed because it is parents’ right to choose what’s best for their child. “We feel like it was in the right direction for parental rights,” Greve said. “We won today for parental rights.”



Defending the right of parents to make vaccine choices, Sen. Clark Jolley (R-Edmond) said that while he believes that evidence shows that immunizations do more good than harm he thinks the bill would’ve forced people to lie and say they had a religious concern when they didn’t.

Are mandates coming to your State?  Assuredly since the global program according to the Global Alliance on Immunization Strategies, a WHO organization, is to make sure that every person on the planet is fully immunized.

Support the push back against vaccine mandates here: www.GoFundMe.com/HelpBertandRima stop vaccine mandates.


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