One Year Later, Is General Bert Really Dead?

One Year Later, Is General Bert Really Dead?

          [Note from Counsel Ralph]  It has been a year since Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III,  founding president of the Natural Solutions Foundation (known to his many friends as General Bert), apparently died.

          You can imagine that this has been a rough year for Dr. Rima, his widow, who is also my good friend and colleague, as we have continued to struggle for Health Freedom without General Bert’s direct leadership and wisdom.  But we haven’t given up.

          Faced with yet another onslaught of the Pharma-driven FDA, we’ve been working hard to PUSH BACK against the FDA’s utterly outrageous plan to regulate homeopathy and herbal remedies out of existence, as the UK has done.  We have one month to put this plan in its grave or the forces of illness control will win a major battle. Take action here:

          Despite Dr. Rima’s loss, and ours, of General Bert, we have continued to bring you the health-giving information and products Dr. Rima Recommends™. You can find them here:

          General Bert was born (1930) and died (2017) on the same day: February 6.  So, on the first anniversary of his death, we need to commemorate General Bert’s wisdom and leadership by reminding you what his last messages to us were.  He told us that “Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century” and he warned us that the “Tipping Point” had been reached; the globalist elite’s depopulation agenda was moving into high gear. Read more here:

          So, in several ways, we remain guided by General Bert and his commitment to freedom.

          But, if you were Dr. Rima, how would you feel over these past few days?

          And, perhaps even more to the point, if you were General Bert, how would you commemorate your own passing?

          How do you console your undead wife and tell her it is OK that you are dead? Or that perhaps the meaning of “dead” might need to be rethought.

          Here is what Dr. Rima wrote in the High Desert of Arizona, commemorating the first anniversary of her beloved husband’s death:


Dawn, February 6, 2018 Sedona, Arizona.

Today is the day General Bert died in 2017 in an intensive care unit in Rahway, New Jersey and today is the day General Bert was born in 1930, eldest son to a career military officer who graduated from West Point in 1924. In between, he, too, went to West Point and had a stellar career in Military Intelligence, creating Remote Viewing for the Army.

He is truly one of the heroes who freed the world from the Soviet Union.  And afterwards, he became a leading voice for health freedom and natural means to health. Here is General Bert talking about intentionality and self-healing:

I have come to the high desert in Sedona, Arizona, this dawn to share with him the landscape that he loved but that we never got to share before he died.  I believe that he died absolutely unnecessarily. 

He was responding well while in hospital for 158 days to the natural means he and I wanted used and, each time he did so, his progress was deliberately impeded.  In fact, we had to go to court to have his right to nutrients, including Nano Silver —  — vindicated.

He was transferred to another hospital and finally received two infusions of Vitamin C, resulting in a profound turn-around. And then, suddenly, he died under circumstances that are by no means obvious or clear, as I held him in my arms.

Before that, his extraordinary focus and ability to actualize his intent was supported by the cognitive nutrients he received.  I have made those remarkable nutrients available here:

As the commanding general of Fort Huachuca and its Army Intelligence Center and School, he came to love this high desert land. I had no idea why, but now I see the stark magnificence that he saw.

I see other things that he saw, as well, because in my grief and sorrow for the loss of the man, the mind, the soul, the love, the joy, the loss of my Bert, he, following his death, has reached out to me repeatedly.

 As a rational scientist and a trained psychiatrist, I find this difficult to fully comprehend. As a loving wife and life partner, I find it extraordinarily comforting. And so, I am daring to share this with you on the anniversary of his birth and death. I am sure you will agree with me that the extraordinary information General Bert is still sharing with us is of exceptional importance.

And so, following a series of undeniable physical demonstrations of the reality of that outreach, General Bert and I are once again working together, loving together, communing — communicating.  Generously, he is communicating with a few others, too, including his friend, Counsel Ralph.

The powerful messages and teachings he is transmitting have become the substance of a book he is, quite literally, dictating from “over there” — wherever “there” is. Counsel Ralph and I will share that book with you as soon as we have finished compiling General Bert’s first year of transmissions. 

My personal experience of this grief, loss and rediscovery has been strongly supported by the use of General Bert’s Signature Frequencies. Without them, there is, quite literally, no way I could have continued functioning. You can read the story here:

For those who are mourning the loss of a loved one, perhaps the greatest gift you can give to them is to share this link, with them and let them decide for themselves if they want to see what their loved one’s frequencies may be able to do for them. It has, essentially, saved my life.

It is interesting that the frequency generator that I had been using broke as I was on this journey to the Red Rock country of Arizona.  More precisely, the device leaped, without any apparent cause, from a five-foot-high shelf to the floor and shattered. I was not sure how I was going to manage living through commemorating his death without this support.

Counsel Ralph reminded me that General Bert’s unique Signature Frequencies had been posted, as an example of the Frequencies of Grief, on the FAQ page for the Orpheus Project so I was able to access his Signature Frequencies and use the frequencies.

Utterly astonishing.  The frequencies pulled my life back from “Totally unbearable, I could die.” to “This is difficult but I have work to do and will find a way to survive.”

Astonishing!  No one who is grieving but has not experienced it will believe how healing the frequencies of the loved one are until they listen to them. We provide them without charge to those experiencing grief here: .

Frequency, as I learned in clinical practice, is amazing.

With his amazing physical demonstrations of presence and transmissions, General Bert continues to teach and guide us; I continue to bask in his love.

This is a time of quiet introspection for me, but I wanted to share with all those who loved and respected General Bert my certainty — and his — that there is no end to love. And in the end, that is why the expansive forces of love and freedom and hope must win over the suppressive forces of hate, control and despair.  That is a central theme of Bert’s message to us all.

You probably have friends and colleagues who will find this book interesting.  Please make sure they are on our email list so they can obtain General Bert’s book as soon as it is available. Here is the sign-up link:  

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