Ontario’s top health official slaps down Ottawa mayor’s call to reinstate mask mandates

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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – The Mayor of Ottawa wants people to be forced to wear masks in a variety of settings even though most mask mandates are gone in Ontario, but the province’s top doc says no need to bring them back.

On April 8, Mayor Jim Watson called on the provincial government to make masks mandatory again in schools, grocery stores, pharmacies, and on public transit. In addition, he is looking to force the issue in the nation’s capital.

Speaking on an Ottawa radio program, he said: “We’ve got to kill this virus once and for all, and we can’t do it if we take away some of the tools…”

It is not clear if Watson believes that a virus can be “killed” as in eradicated, as this would go against the beliefs of even the top doctor of Ontario, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore – himself no stranger to draconian COVID polices – has made it clear that Ontario has to “live with” COVID.

In light of his desire to “kill” the virus, Watson also said that he thinks the province “has to really rethink their mask mandate.”

It turns out the government did think over the mask mandate since it was dropped on March 21.

Yesterday, Moore addressed the province for the first time since last month. He insisted that there is no need to reinstitute mask mandates, and repeated what has become common knowledge; namely that the majority of those in hospital “with COVID” are simply patients sick with another illness but who test positive by the often false-positive PCR test.

Moore also addressed pressure from the teachers’ union, which is asking for masks to be forced upon small children again. He reiterated that children are at little to no risk of having illness associated with a COVID diagnoses. “We’ve not seen any significant threat to the health of children,” he added.

He did give his opinion that he would like to see people where masks indoors if they wanted to, but would not mandate them.

Ontario is set to drop all remaining mask mandates – right now relegated to health care and long term care settings mainly – by the end of April.

Source:  www.lifesitenews.com/news/ottawa-mayor-asked-province-to-mandate-masks-again-but-province-said-no/

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