PayPal Persecution: Has The Online Payment Company Become A De Facto Arm of the Government?

Praying To The God Of PayPal No More: How One Online Company Pivoted To Bitcoin In The Face Of Unfair Treatment By The Online Payment Giant

We live in an age where we have been shown over and over again that we cannot trust those who are put in a position of power over us. For some of us that notion most easily translates to one word: government.

But for those of us who have been paying closer attention, it is becoming more and more apparent that the problem with government isn’t always with government per se. They are the face of the problem, but the issue lies with the fact that no matter who is ostensibly running the government, left or right, blue or red, they are in lockstep with big business.


Corporate business runs our lives, and they run the government too. The people we supposedly elect are their servants, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a pawn, a dupe, or a fool.

And in case you weren’t aware of it, there is a name for the unholy blending of government and corporate power, and yes, it is possible that it can occur in other places than Italy of the 1930s and 1940s.

One victim of this unholy offspring of government and corporate power is the Natural Solutions Foundation–and they have been victimized not once but twice now.

The most recent offense against free enterprise and free thought came from online payment juggernaut PayPal, who recently shut down the Foundation’s account, citing some arcane “violation of community standards” that was not explicated upon. The Foundation’s funds that were in the account are unavailable, and PayPal is not entertaining any appeal or allowing any kind of hearing on the supposed violations.

Fans and followers of the Foundation will find these words ring rather familiar. It was only a short while ago that the Foundation’s relationship with Chase Bank, Chase Merchant Services and First Data Merchant Services were similarly cut off. As the Foundation’s president General Bert explained, this was part of Operation Chokepoint, what he described as a program instituted by the White House to launch an extralegal, unconstitutional assault on government critics.

However! Despite this double whammy of government and corporate assault on the Foundation’s free speech rights, and its right to disseminate vital information, the good people at the Foundation have found yet another way to circumvent the roadblocks that have been placed before them.

Welcome to future, and the future is Bitcoin. The internet-based cryptocurrency is proving to be a godsend as the Foundation struggles to move forward in the face of so much opposition, but it is coming along swimmingly. Using Bitcoin and an offshore account (visit here and please consider a donation to help the Foundation continue fighting the good fight) General Bert and Dr. Rima have vowed to continue speaking truth to power, no matter how difficult those in power try to make it for them to do so.

Also, for more information on Bitcoin and to debunk some of the myths surrounding the internet’s first currency that isn’t pegged to anything else, and which is controlled by no one–no person, no bank, and no state–please click here.

It is a sad state of affairs when the so-called capitalists use the power of access to money to prevent the power of people to access the truth. Stay tuned for further developments, but rest assured, with your help, the Natural Solutions Foundation will keep going strong no matter what gets thrown at them.

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