Protection for the Little Guy When the Big Guys Take the World Economy Down

When Currency Fails Ancient Wisdom and Experience Prevails: Buy Gold
When Currency Fails Ancient Wisdom and Experience Prevails: Buy Gold

Bottom line: Micro Gold is Maxi Protection Against Currency Failure: is an innovative way to ride the tide of financial chaos.
You know currency chaos is coming.  You know that it will be hard on the little guy and you know full well that the big guys will do very, very well while ordinary people suffer and succumb, allowing the “Great Ones” to impose whatever conditions they wish to, giving or withholding food, shelter, necessities.

It is no longer a question of “if” or “whether” this currency chaos will occur.  It is a question of “when” and “from which quarter first”.

Most economists agree, whatever their political and philosophical bent, that the meltdown, signaled by such indicators as the disastrous inactivity of the Baltic Dry Index or the meteoric rise in interest in gold, silver and other precious metals, is not only due, but long overdue.

The Bank of Scotland recently told its investors, “Sell everything!” while Deutche Bank and Credit Suisse are so ‘overexposed’, with so many derivative disaster debts awaiting them that they are, quite literally, on the brink of insolvency.

So what’s a little guy to do?  You know you need gold and you know that you need it in small amounts so that you can barter, sell and purchase with it should the use of currency fail in your country.

The Great Ones have ounces of gold, pounds of gold, tons of gold (depending on just how great they are) but, really, if you had an ounce of gold, currently selling on the open market, for $1200+ and your family needed a meal, would you really want to give the whole thing away for that one meal?

Of course not.

Well, there is a beautiful, elegant and simple answer perfect for the little guy: Micro Gold: single grams of gold certified for authenticity and purity, protected by a laminate in a wallet size card. Or 2.5 grams or 5 grams.

With about 29 grams to the ounce, these cards are easily stored and secured, useable, transportable and just might save your life or your family’s life in the times to come.

The bearers of chaos who do not care in the least how much suffering they impart.

That’s why little guys need to take action to protect ourselves from what the big guys are planning. The best financial security in such times has always been gold.  You can’t eat it, but you sure can eat because of it.

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