Real COVID-19 Info, No Charge, from Dr. Rima

COVID-19 FEAR & TRUTHTimes Square – Deserted!

COVID-19, like COVID-19 disinformation, is everywhere, flowing from official and unofficial sources like a river of toxic effluent. We need REAL information and REAL solutions. Counsel Ralph and I, along with our good friend Richard Sacks of Lost Arts Radio, have created a powerful, accurate and vitally important seminar for you. And we are giving it away instead of charging $49.95.

Here is the link:

Use it and share it.

Real News: Six powerhouse segments of potentially life-saving real information about the virus, your right to choose your own treatment, life-saving protocols and more, much more. This Health Freedom COVID-19 Summit could literally save your life or the life of someone you care about.

Sure, we could charge for it, but that would limit the number of people who will see it. Lives are at stake so Counsel Ralph and I decided to give this valuable information away at no charge. It took us hours to record and edit this Summit and we know that the information is tremendously important.

There is, however, no free lunch (especially since all the restaurants are closed!) so we are asking something in return: share the link to allow everyone who values real information and has real concerns about COVID-19 to watch these vital videos, too.

And, while you are at it, if you have not ordered your Nano Silver 10 PPM and Advanced Vaccine Directive cards yet, let me remind you that supplies are dwindling fast and the delivery and courier systems are still operating. How long that will be true we cannot predict. So now, rather than later, would be a good time to place your order at

Natural Solutions Online Store –

And ignore any attempts at censorship that tell you that these sites are compromised. They are not.

That is just part of the war against real information. If you see that false flag, send us a screenshot and tell us what browser you were on.

The site is safe and you will be, too, with my Nano Silver 10 PPM on board.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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PS – Our sister NGO, and co-sponsor of the Summit, Institute for Health Research could use your attention too. Check out the Journal at The latest scientific paper at the Institute Journal is all about Nano Silver safety and efficacy as an immune-supporting nutrient. Your donations to the Institute are tax-deductible.

5 thoughts on “Real COVID-19 Info, No Charge, from Dr. Rima

  1. So if I present these cards and they refuse me entering their business what remedy do I have. What good are these cards if they are not honoring them?

    1. John, the cards are not magic. They remind the people you present them to that your rights are protected by law. I suggest you use a body camera to record your interactions and then, if they are violated, after you clearly state that you are asserting protected rights you file complaints with the appropriate authorities and give as much public notice to the situation as you can.
      This is the way we build the legal and social support for our already-guaranteed rights.
      What I can not tell you is which situations you will immediately succeed in and which ones you will have to struggle to prevail. What I can tell you, for certain, is that if you do not assert your rights, they are deemed waived and you have none at all.
      Dr. Rima

    2. Why is this post being deleted ? – something wrong with my ??s/info ?
      that’s what i was gonna ask too – back in June – bu it’s not a free pass + takes extra time to protest/debate + post our evidence to get legal support – when we can write all that info on color paper/cards to do same thing ?
      + gov is wrong to force masks on us + stores do that to us – we get Tired of preaching nutrition to Block viruses -gov/media never talks about – in each store – for reason not to mask
      +maybe mandate is only advice/request for us – its Not a Law right ?

      1. I am sorry, but I do not really understand what your comment is about. If you know our work, you will be aware that we oppose the mask mandates and have created an Advance Sanitary Masking Directive Card.
        We oppose other mandates as well, as you probably also know, and have produced the Advance Vaccine Directive Card to help people assert their right of Informed Consent.

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