Fact Checking the COVID Fact-Checkers

Polygraph.info “Fact Checker” questions Natural Solutions Foundation and the benefits of nutrient Nano Silver.  Here is the response I just sent them, requesting a correction:

I am one of the trustees of Natural Solutions Foundation and a retired lawyer.  I am responding to your https://www.polygraph.info/a/covid-19-fact-check-nanosilver-infowars/30495705.html — with a clarification of my interaction with FDA/FTC in 2014.  We did not claim that nutrient Nano Silver would “treat” any disease and after several letters back and forth with the FDA/FTC the agencies did not object to the claim that “Nano Silver supports normal cell membrane integrity” thereby supporting the immune system.
The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) in vitro study of Nano Silver and various viruses that was declassified in 2009 showed, in the presence of Nano Silver, virtually none of the viral particles were able to penetrate the membranes of the living human cells used in the study.  This was true for all the Nano Silver tested and most true for the 10 PPM.
Dr. Laibow and I have just published a scientific paper on this issue here:  http://www.inhere.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/IHR-SilverSafetyWhitePaper.pdf — the claim made for Nano Silver is an allowed “support of normal structure and function” claim since it is the normal function of the cell membrane, as part of the immune system, to not allow viral particles to penetrate.  For there to be a disease the virus must attach, penetrate and replicate.
Therefore Nano Silver does not treat or prevent any disease since, if the membrane is functioning normally the virus remains merely part of the human microbiome, helping to educate the immune system, thus enabling it to function correctly.  Please get the science right.  No prevention or treatment if no disease.
Your best protection from pandemic disease is a powerful, vital immune system that functions in conjunction with good nutrition, hygiene and sanitation — the three potent health factors that always defeat pandemics.

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