Roguski Reveals Russia WHO Empowerment

This urgent revelation is from researcher James Roguski’s analysis of the 307 amendments proposed for the International Health Regulations (IHR)

The proposed amendments to article 4 that were submitted by Russia would require nations to enact legislation to give authority to the “national IHR focal point” to implement the obligations under the regulations.

NEW (1bis). States Parties shall enact or adapt legislation to provide National IHR Focal Points with the authority and resources to perform their functions, clearly defining the tasks and function of the entity with a role of National IHR Focal Point in implementing the obligations under these Regulations.”  (page 165)

The World Health Organization will not need to enforce the regulations directly. The “National IHR Focal Point” would be authorized to implement the obligations under the regulations.

The Health and Human Services’ Secretary’s Operations Center (SOC) is the National Focal Point responsible for reporting events to WHO.

James Roguski
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