Science Settled: Unvaxxed No Risk to Vaxxed

The Science is Settled: Unvaxxed are No Risk to Vaxxed


Dr. Rima:  Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD has been on my podcast. I know this brilliant scientist. It takes courage for a scientist to speak the truth when that truth is suppressed by Big Pharma Money. It is my pleasure to present scientific truth to you documenting what I have been saying for decades.  Unvaccinated people pose no threat to anyone, but our would-be Big Pharma “masters.” Dr. Obukhanych speaks truth to power. Read this article. Share this article.

Make sure you and the people you care about are equipped with this knowledge, with an Advance Vaccine Directive providing legally protected vaccine exemption and my Nano Silver 10 PPM providing immune support. That way you are covered intellectually, legally and immunologically.

I agree completely with Dr. Obukanych, “People who have not received the vaccines … pose no higher threat to the general public than those who have, implying that discrimination against non-immunized children in a public school setting may not be warranted. … Taken together … discrimination in a public school setting against children who are not vaccinated for reasons of conscience is completely unwarranted as the vaccine status of conscientious objectors poses no undue public health risk.”  Dr. Obukanych’s arguments supporting unvaccinated children apply to adults as well, including nurses and others working in the health care field.

There is a battle being fought, state by state, to abrogate our universal right to Informed Consent with regard to vaccination.  Conscientious Objectors to vaccination are being pressed harder than ever before to abandon their beliefs and submit to what our courts have called “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines.  You must assert your right to Informed Consent or it will be deemed waived. 

Learn more here: and read Dr. Obukanych’s important article below:

Harvard Immunologist to Legislators: Unvaccinated Children Pose ZERO Risk to Anyone

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