So You’ve Binged: Here’s What To Eat And Drink Afterwards To Help Get You Back To Normal

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I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing: How To Eat Healthy After A Binge To Ease Your Suffering

We all know we shouldn’t binge eat and binge drink. However, the spirit is willing but the flesh is so often very weak. The best-laid plans of mice and men and all that.

Surely there are dozens more clichés to describe what a hard time we humans have with following through with our good intentions, as we pave the road with them on our way to….somewhere. Hopefully somewhere warm, this time of year.

At any rate, although we are all intelligent people who realize that binge eating and binge drinking are not advisable, perhaps we can also be self-realized enough to understand that these things do happen sometimes.

So, let’s all do our best to minimize those binges, shall we? But if and when it does happen, these foods can help ease your pain and heal you body.

• Yogurt – We’ve all heard of probiotics and may have varying levels of understanding as to their effects. However, the day after a binge when you are suffering stomach distress, all you need to know is that they are undeniably good for keeping gas, diarrhea and other stomach distress in check. Plus if you aren’t feeling so hot about keeping a full, more challenging meal down, Greek yogurt in particular has lots of protein so it can help keep your body going until things settle down.
• Bananas – Binging for many of us often means going all out on the salty snacks. What is it about horrible processed snack foods that makes them taste so wonderful when you’re drinking too much or on an eating binge? Regardless, bananas are your friend after such an episode. The potassium helps level out sodium spikes in your blood stream and may even help reduce blood pressure.
• Oatmeal – Like yogurt, this breakfast staple is easy on the stomach in the worst of times, plus it has a high level of fiber so it helps get your gut system back on track after being pummeled with bad food or too much drink. Some studies even suggest oatmeal can lower your cholesterol.
• Green tea – This ancient miracle beverage can help lower your levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and can also help reduce blood pressure. Loaded with antio idants, green tea can help speed your body on the way to healing by scrubbing you clean of all those nasty free radicals. It also contains a mild amount of caffeine which will help fire up a logy brain and allow you to function better through your recovery after a binge.

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