Thanks For Nothing: 56 Pennsylvania Kids Contract Whooping Cough–All Were Vaccinated


Philadelphia-Area County Has Massive Outbreak Of Whooping Cough–All Kids Who Were Vaccinated Against It

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There are certain things it is only reasonable to expect: when you go to a water park in the summertime, you expect there to be water. If there isn’t, it might be fair if you were a little miffed. If you buy a set of tires they should probably have air in them, an umbrella should be waterproof, food should be edible.

And if you get a vaccine, it should prevent you from getting a disease.

That’s its one job. One job only.

Health officials in a suburban Philadelphia county are spinning madly trying to explain away the fact that a huge whooping cough outbreak has only struck children who received the whooping cough vaccine.

Montgomery County in eastern Pennsylvania has seen an unprecedented outbreak of pertussis, or whooping cough, mostly centered around one school district. But what officials are having a hard time explaining away is that all of the 56 kids who have so far been diagnosed dutifully received their Dtap (diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis) vaccinations on schedule.

A county spokesman was quick to dismiss the outbreak as something that is “pretty routine,” simply because the vaccine isn’t as good as they had previously thought it was at preventing the disease. The vaccine has been known to be declining in effectiveness in recent years, sometimes dropping as low as 30 percent.

But what that doesn’t explain–and what certainly isn’t routine–is that the Abington School District, where the outbreak occurred–has never experienced a whooping cough outbreak before.


So…it’s a rare thing that has never occurred before that is perfectly routine and all is fine and normal and it will never happen again but if it does don’t worry it’s all fine and go back to sleep now. ‘Kay…

But here’s the thing: if the trouble is that the vaccine just isn’t as good, then why is it only vaccinated kids getting whooping cough? Surely any vaccine is better than none, right? According to this logic, there should be scores of unvaccinated kids coming down with it.

Officials were quick to add that the symptoms are much lighter in people who have been vaccinated, if they do happen to get the disease–which, in Montgomery County seems as likely as not.

Well, if that’s your big selling point, then I think I’ll have to take a hard pass. You wouldn’t buy a ticket to a water park that touted having water on at least thirty percent of the rides would you?

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