The General Speaks

When General Bert, my beloved husband and the Founding President of the Natural Solutions Foundation, died (we believe unnecessarily) in 2017, I was, naturally, devastated.

I conceived, as many bereaved people do, the idea of a memorial to his life, love and value so, as a beader, I began to bead a memorial for him.

To my surprise, but not his, General Bert has chosen to remain with us.

For those who are curious, you can get his book, published after his death, at his request, here:

But back to the beads: my memorial to my love was a large dragon, guarding her treasure, the locket with hair that I cut from his head immediately after his death, plus a few of his ashes.

I picked it up from the framing shop yesterday. Counsel Ralph suggested we share it with you here:

General Bert said “Informed Consent is the Defining Issue of the 21st Century.”

He died for lack of Informed Consent. No one else should.

Advance Vaccine Directive and Advance Sanitary Masking Directive cards help you assert your right of Informed Consent.

Click here: LINK

For health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

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