The Shocking Image Behind Every U.S. Vaccine


You want cruel, you got it & this is the kind of disgusting & barbaric cruelty that goes on behind closed doors of the vaccine manufacturing industry. The blue blood circulating in horseshoe crabs is vampirically taken from the strapped down creatures in order to test vaccines. Who knew? A tube is inserted into them as a crude siphon that drains them of their life force into clear jars before them.

Drug Corporations along with these types of vaccine manufacturing plants are well known for dirty, cruel & disgusting techniques but it truly seems that there is no end to how low they are prepared to go in order to pump out filthy, toxic & lethal vaccines in the name of profit.

Between 10 and 30 percent of the horseshoe crabs die as a result of this artificial bleeding, and female crabs are less likely to procreate after being bled. That is one way this process messes with the whole ecosystem that depends on their presence and the presence of their eggs to nourish the animal food chain. Data on global species of horseshoe crabs is insufficient, but in North and Central Amercia they are near threatened and considered in decline and vulnerable to overfishing. Is it any wonder when half a million are temporarily kidnapped each year?

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