Unnecessary Blue State Lock Down Imperils Us All

What May Be Worse than COVID-19? Blue State Lock Down
Manhattan Deserted
Blue States of New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois All Locked-Down

No doubt the novel and now declared “pandemic” coronavirus that broke out in Wuhan, China (either released or escaped from China’s Wuhan Bio Weapon Lab, or mutated at the “wet meat market” a thousand yards from it) is a particularly nasty version of its older cousin, the Flu.  It is especially dangerous to my Baby Boomer and older generations and we ought to self-shield from it. [Given the negative impact on your immune system of all this stress, it wouldn’t hurt to support your immune system with Dr. Rima’s The Silver Solution.] 

It may, though, prove to be no more lethal than the seasonal Flu, when all the statistics are analyzed. The Governor of California claims that, even with his nearly total lock down of the State, over 50% of the California population will be infected.  That’s could be nearly 25 million people there alone.  If there really were even a 1% death rate, that’s over a quarter million Californians who will die — despite the lock down.  Sorry Gov. Newcome, something is wrong here with your predictive statistics.  We know that millions do contract the annual Flu and, if CDC’s statistics are to be believed (which some holistic doctors question) and even including all the deaths during Flu season that include respiratory issues — which is what CDC does to cook the statistics — there are, say they, about thirty thousand such deaths a year in all of America.

A hundred and one years ago the world was recovering from the devastation of World War I and the subsequent Great Influenza Pandemic which killed more in two years than the war killed in four — nearly ten times as many Americans died during that true pandemic, upwards of a half million, than died on the battlefields of the war. There was no national lock down, no intentional destruction of normal economic activity and the country went on to the boom years of the Roaring Twenties.

Up until a couple weeks ago it looked as though America was going through another Roaring Twenties, with the strongest economic activity, lowest unemployment, ever. Then along came the Blue State Governors’ lock downs.  Now Goldman Sacks predicts an unemployment rate of over 9% by the November Election and the beginning of a recession.

We are now faced with a massive increase in government spending, with the possibility of over a trillion dollars (that’s $1,000,000,000.00) in new debt on top of all the other debt the governments of America have foisted onto the backs of future taxpayers. This will not end well. Replacing the now-popped stock market bubble with a new and bigger bubble will not end well.

Make no mistake about it.  This is a manufactured recession.  Blue State lock downs are pushing an agenda intended to eviscerate the economy.  Russia-gate didn’t take down the Trump Administration; Impeachment-gate didn’t take it down, but the Blue State Big Government over-reaction to COVID-19 very well may. The real deadly disease we face now is governmentitis.

Especially if President Trump gives into Blue Governors’ demands to extent their mistake to the whole country.

Will he make that mistake? We know that a total lock down has not slowed the progress of the disease in Italy.  We know, from the California Governor, that his lock down will not do much other than stop the economy. Will the knee-jerk “I am the Governor and you will Obey” attitude of the likes of Governor Cuomo of New York prevail or will the pragmatic, business-like approach of President Trump, who continues to predict that warmer weather and common-sense, limited actions will stop the outbreak, prevail?

We will know over the next few days.


2 thoughts on “Unnecessary Blue State Lock Down Imperils Us All

  1. I wish you would keep the politics out of this. What would you have the states hit the hardest do at this point? Just avoid this terrible outbreak where thousands of lives are at stake. To blame the Governor’s of NY and California and Washington along with soon to be many other states is just troublesome. We can probably start pointing fingers at the top where they ignored the warnings from Homeland Security and whatever other agencies that were responsible for the U.S. gov’t to act upon. It Is now or will be soon common knowledge that our gov’t knew back in Jan. 2019 this pandemic was coming and our current President decided not to act on this information. So of course we need some fall guys, so lets blame the Governors and the rest of the Governors who will be next. Do you think China had any part in this? Dr.. Rima has already stated how it was developed in a lab at Duke university and then made it’s way back to China for them to experiment with. How convenient don’t you think after the sequence of events to where we are today?. Dr. Rima’s words could be summed up as” Genocide”. . That kind of tells the whole story so I hope we can be clear about that. Now the problem is how do we go forward and save lives or isn’t the way it’s suppose to be. You tell me, Please. I do agree with Dr. Rima’s help with supporting and protecting our immune system with the Silver Solution product, Nano Silver10 PPM. I’ve never used it but it sounds like a great defensive strategy with real promise. Too bad the powers to be don’t give this life saving product some consideration and use. Of course lets not get in the way of the big agricultural and pharmaceutical industry who will take control of all.

    So I guess you could I see this catastrophe in a much different way. I have no axe to grind just that we all have to get the facts straight from all sides. Of course to I wanted to add I think Dr. Rima does a great job explaining what is really happening. Too bad more people aren’t paying closer attention.

    Best regards, Erle Phelps

    1. Earl,
      Thanks for your reply to Ralph’s article. We did not say or imply that the Governors were to blame. We did say and imply that politics are NOT being “kept out of it” since the lock downs were imposed as a political punishment from above, specifically, from the White House level. So the Governors are not at all to blame, but the administration is using its awesome powers in a highly political fashion at the same time that it offers mis- and dis-information at a breathtaking rate (more than daily) and refuses to use those same powers to increase the supply of essential Personal Protection Equipment for health personnel.

      Oh, by the way, the tests are totally inaccurate so every number is meaningless, or worse, in terms of incidence, spread and increase or decrease.
      What a mess!
      Dr. Rima

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