Make This One Count! #VoteInformedConsent

Make This One Count! #VoteInformedConsent
Imagine an election where YOUR freedom and mine were key issues.

Imagine an election in which politicians who want to be elected
MUST speak out on Informed Consent and commit to protect it.

Well, we can have that election and vote in the candidate who stands up best for the defining issue of our times: Informed Consent.

Simply put, the Right of Informed Consent, already a part of our national law (and the law of nearly every country in the world) means that you own your body. Not the State, not the School Board, not your Employer, not some Big Pharma crony corporation and most certainly not the Corporate State Public Private Fascism Partnership!

How does that happen? We, the People take action and we take it together:

I personally have written to every single 2020 Presidential hopeful asking for their stance on my Right of Informed Consent. The only one who has so far answered is Adam Kokesh, a Libertarian. He’s for it.

“Informed consent is essential to voluntary relationships because where it is needed and not provided, a fraud is being committed. Any government that can force a vaccine on you [is] in violation of your self-ownership…”

But not one of the others has responded. That is because I am only one vote, only one letter.

That is not how it’s done: we need mass here. Every candidate in whom you have an interest needs your emails and your calls. Repeatedly.

And then we need to invoke the [sometimes terrible] power of social media: Share this action link with everyone you can reach and invite them to take the same stance you are taking in favor of owning your own body and the same action, contacting every candidate they have an interest in.

Here’s the link:

Use it. Often. This one is on us; either take action now or accept health tyranny.

If we believe in Informed Consent, we need to create the demand for its support from EVERY candidate.

If my short video about #VoteInformedConsent is removed from YouTube, I’ve also included the BrightEon link too.

YouTube link:–k
BrightEon link:

Yours for health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

Online link to this message:

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