WHO Changes Position On Immunity


Once again WHO — the World Health Organization — is changing its position on how human immunity to disease works.  In doing so it is ignoring centuries of medical science and practice and exposing all of us to the dangers of “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines.

Here is the Smoking Gun:

Assert Your Right to Refuse the Vaccine.
Learn more HERE.

For literally centuries medicine understood that new pathogens become attenuated over time as more people in the community became immune through subclinical exposure and the development of natural antibodies with no or minor symptoms.  Along with modern sanitation, hygiene and nutrition that’s how all the pandemics of the past were overcome.

Now WHO has overthrown all that science and proclaimed that only vaccines create immunity in a population! Fake science.

Here are several previous OST articles on the fake science of “herd immunity” and the real science of Community Immunity:

Dr Rima Answers Question on “Herd Immunity”

Humans are not herd animals.  What always stops newly virulent diseases is the development of Community Immunity through natural exposure.

Herd Immunity vs Community Immunity

How do we know that sanitation, hygiene and nutrition work while vaccines do not?  Because the history of medical science is clear.  All of the major pandemic diseases were conquered after public health administration achieved modern standards of sanitation, hygiene and nutrition but before the widespread use of vaccines.  Here is that history:

Whether there was a vaccine or not, with improvements in public health pandemic diseases were overcome.  No societal shut-down; no economic disaster.

Every step taken by the Public Health Authorities, world-wide, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus from China has been the wrong step if the goal is to overcome the virus and achieve Community Immunity.

This includes:

Masking:  shown in numerous scientific studies prior to COVID-19  to be of little to no value, with serious harm to some, potentially delaying the development of Community Immunity.
Social Distancing: with quarantine shown useless except possibly for those who are actually showing symptoms and may therefore actively spread the virus.
Societal Lockdowns: preventing normal human interaction prevents the development of Community Immunity; wrecks economic well-being.
Vaccination: Voodoo science; see chart above.

Of the BIG FIVE “preventive” mandates touted as our only hope, one remains:  Hand Washing.  That does help. Do it.

So don’t be afraid of social contacts.  Be sensible.  If you have symptoms isolate.

Allow Community Immunity to develop and this virus, like all previous, will learn to live with us as just another part of the microbiome that surrounds us.

Assert Your Right to Refuse the Vaccine.
Learn more HERE.

2 thoughts on “WHO Changes Position On Immunity

  1. Good afternoon Rima & Ralph,

    I purchased an ADVANCE VACCINATION DIRECTIVE CARD a few years ago and always have it on hand. As you probably know, the heat’s on here in Australia, with the government intent on vaccinating as many people as possible.

    I’m now thinking of organising a co-ordinated email assault on our state and federal ministers, informing them that I REFUSE ALL VACCINES. I’m also considering distributing flyers around my neighbourhood. The text on the VACCINE CARD is perfect for both purposes.

    Is it ok to use the text ‘word for word’ for this purpose? The only thing I’d like to add is at the end, “….including assault and battery”.

    The text would need to be posted on the facebook page of the Australian Vaccination Risks Network to attract the right audience.

    Let me make it absolutely clear that the purpose is purely as a public service, and I am seeking no financial gain.

    Please advise me at your earliest opportunity, as time is on the wing.


    1. Dear Lou,
      Thanks for your letter asking if you could use the working on the Advance Vaccine Directive card in your information dissemination.I am afraid the answer is no, you cannot. The research that went into the card was intense and extensive. The cards carefully asserts the Right of Informed Consent and their contents are copyrighted.
      The significant effort that went into them was donated to the Foundation but we do make them available for sale to support the work of the Foundation.
      In Australia, Adam Crabb has the cards available for local sale. You can contact him at the address in the distribution list for a discussion about how to get the cards to as many people as possible.
      So thank you very much for asking, but please do not undercut our ability to fight this health freedom fight by undermining us financially.
      With every good wish in your work,

      Yours in health and freedom,
      Dr. Rima

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