Why Is There No Cure For Cancer? A Closer Look At The Ways We Have Made Progress On A Cure And Why You Haven’t Heard About It

Why There’$ No $uch Thing A$ A Cure For Cancer: Research Is Big Bucks, But Once The Research Ends, So Does The Gravy Train

It seems like there is some new miracle breakthrough cure or treatment for something every day. But if you watch closely, you may notice a pattern: one disease remains steadfast in its horror, damage and ability to destroy lives no matter how much research we through at it.

We read about dietary studies, sugar intake studies, diabetes studies, obesity studies, cardiac studies,studies covering virtually every kind of medication there is under the sun, yet when it comes to cancer, there just isn’t much in the way of new news.

With all the scientific breakthroughs that come along, constantly forcing us to adjust our thinking when it comes to how we treat disease and injury, does it seem strange to anyone else that cancer is almost completely off the map? And when we do read about something happening in the way of cancer research it is almost always small-ball stuff, very specific treatments narrowly focused on one aspect or another of the problem, and on one particular type of cancer–there just is never a big, bold breakthrough.

Well, one place that it might be useful to start thinking somewhat differently about this is to examine just how much money is involved in cancer research.

Cancer is of course a big huge scary disease, and as such we fund the bejesus out of research that is purportedly attempting to find a cure. And the curious thing about many of these cancer centers is that a great many of them are sitting on huge piles of debt. For instance, the nation’s leading cancer research center, the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York holds $1.9 billion of debt. Even the relatively small Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington holds $176 million of debt.

All told, there is some $4.9 billion in research grants that is annually spread around to these centers and dozens more.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but what would happen to all that cash, what would happen to all the people who make their salary out of those pots of money? Honestly, do you think it hasn’t crossed anyone’s mind what kind of consequences a cure, a widespread, universal cure for cancer would have?

And the more you read about immunotherapy treatments for cancer as opposed to chemotherapy–which increasingly is looking like a deadly hoax–the more you begin to wonder just what they are doing with all that money.

Curing cancer certainly doesn’t appear to be on the list.

Wonder why?

They Can’t Afford To Cure Cancer

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