World Wide Rally 1.0 for Freedom Images


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22 thoughts on “World Wide Rally 1.0 for Freedom Images

  1. Hello! What are the plans for Greece? Where will the rally take place and what time? And who is the organizer? I am afraid this will not be spread much and people do not know about it.

  2. Canada’s a large country. We need each province involved.
    BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec,New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador, NW territories

      1. Hi Lisa,
        I’m in Solano county and looking for like minds.
        Have you found any ways around here
        To participate in this world wide rally for freedom?

  3. What are the plans for the Philippines? Call +63 (0917) 168.4058. Time zone is UTC -8 (twelve hours ahead of Eastern Daylight time). We are a prosperous country of over 100 million loving, peaceful people, most of us call ourselves Christians, and we speak nine languages plus English, which is taught in nearly all of our schools.

  4. I am a senior scientist (underground) living outside the US for many years (due to my success with cancer) and like the lady dr. was forced to leave my country of birth –
    I developed a product over 8 years for advanced cancer and there are massive amounts of people on this product around the world–it just so happens that the product (capsule form) works as well for the Covid (all forms) as any patient that has been using this product for the last 8 years (not one person as contracted the Virus–I myself tried to get it while back in the US last year for a time–as I was not taking the product- well I finally got it (whatever you want to call it) –some of the most pain i have ever had in my 72 years on this earth-felt as if my arms and legs were going to detach from my body–after 5- 10 minutes i took 9 capsules and timed it–in 11 minutes the massive pain/fever was gone– went off to sleep and woke up the next morning after sleeping around 10 hrs as if nothing had ever happened —
    I am not posting this for dollar gain (I am very blessed with money) – I am letting people know that there is real help out there in this world–and please people get beyond the medical Santa clause/Easter bunny mentality—I am going to become a donor for your cause without question..

    1. Larry,
      I don’t know if your capsule could help me or my family, perhaps you could advise,. We are 3, My stepson is non verbal severely autistic 23 yr old that has daily sensory overload (we believe he is also susceptible to barometric changes) that causes him to rage and attack us. His Mum is a 55 yr old with Kidney disease that has left her with less than 9% function in her only working kidney, .. I have hemochromatosis with what my Specialist Dr Stephen Stylian says has left me with a double dose of chronic fatigue. also severe pain syndrome.. I cannot begin to explain what our life is like, except to say we “survive” I can sleep 18 hrs out of the day only getting up to protect her from the boy when she yells out to me and toilet this is about 5 days a week, the remaining 2 days while I am still fatigued I manage to get some of the essential chores done.. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Lee Martin

  5. It seems -you people talk a good game–but you are so afraid to put real info up on your emails–please explain to me in private if needed–I have a vast amount of money and my best friend is a billionaire and we could help you get some things done..

    1. So, Larry, after you sent this rather provocative email I invited you to contact us with your friend and have a discussion about helping us get some things done.
      I have heard nothing further from you, nor has Counsel Fucetola.
      What was that about talking a good game?
      Dr. Rima

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