You Decide: Do Masks Reduce COVID-19 Transmission?

Look at the Data and Decide for
Yourself  If Mask Mandates Work
Then Tell Everyone
You Know What You Decide

What do sanitary masks do?  Here is the evidence:

Opinion, Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation September 7, 2020

I have studied the evidence carefully: despite the lies and whipped-up mob irrationality, science says that masks do not prevent the transmission of viral diseases (bacterial ones, yes, but viral ones, no) and wrote an eBook about it. [1] In addition to publishing it here at, we sent it out to our email list of approximately 200,000 supporters.

That email generated more than 150 “F*C* YOU, B*TCH!” responses. Literally. I would definitely call that a strong indication of whipped-up mob irrationality, since the only people who received that email were all opted-in people who had signed up for our emails.

The emails I received were not frightening.  The stolid, stubborn, screaming ignorance in the face of hard, cold, validated data was frightening.

Of course, Natural Solutions Foundation is not the only one looking at the data.  Others are looking at the science and at the data, too. 

The unambiguous data shown above were generated by Ben Martin, a German software engineer living in the US [2] and are enormously important.  They make the case, as pictures do, more clearly than any argument, rational or not, science based or not, that the “Mask or Die, Mask or Kill Others” hysteria is neither science based nor meaningful except as social obedience training for submission and mob rule.

And it is wonderful training to be ready to accept an untested gene-altering vaccine loaded with “immunity passport” nano-chips and be glad that you are fortunate enough to have gotten a shot of it for yourself and your children.

That same vaccine, by the way, that Dr. Sir John Bell, working on the Oxford Vaccine told UK’s Channel 4 “will not sterilize the entire population” estimating that sterilization rate may only be 60%. [3]

The Oxford Vaccine, one of hundreds of candidate vaccines, will alter your genes forever, hijacking them exactly as a virus does.  And these COVID-19 vaccines, while altering your genes and sterilizing you (and doing what else?) are brought to you by the same folks who have been telling us for years that there are too many people on the planet, led by the ever-smiling Bill Gates, his kindly wife Melinda (who thinks that Blacks ought to have first access to the vaccine) and the slyly smug Dr. Fauci.

If the above data persuade you that masking works, I have no idea how to communicate with you because you live on a different planet than the one that I inhabit.

If, on the other hand, you find them deeply disturbing and highly compelling, as I do, then please share this link,, as widely as you can on your social media and remind people that masking is not effective.

Suggest that they rethink their unscientific devotion to it as a helpful activity.

Remember that you can assert your right to not mask in public places since every State, municipality and organization in the US must abide by the provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to accommodate people for whom this activity would undermine their health.

It is a criminal offense not to accommodate that need and our silver Advance Sanitary Masking Directive helps you assert that right just as our gold Advance Vaccine Directive card helps you assert your right to refuse all vaccines.

They are available here,

Masking is not helpful to us.  It is, however, very helpful to the would-be-controllers.

Our agenda, our narrative, our best interests run exactly counter to theirs and we must make everyone we can reach aware of that.



[2] @BenMartin




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