It’s About Time! Poll Shows Public Trust in CDC/Fauci/Health Officials is Evaporating

Poll Shows More Than Half Would Not Take
Free, “Safe”, “FDA Approved” COVID-19 Vaccine:
That’s a Great Start!

Opinion: Dr. Rima September 10, 2020
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation

I am increasingly proud of the people of the US who seem to be noticing that a predictable pattern of distortions, deceit and outright lies streams forth from “official” sources and their media echo chambers. The 15 day “emergency” lockdown is now the “new normal”. COVID-19 indication of seriousness is the number of deaths. Everybody who dies obviously died of COVID-19. Oh. They didn’t. Now the indication of seriousness is the number of cases. No one has any idea how many cases there are because the numbers are based on staggeringly inaccurate “testing” and “estimates” and wildly flawed computer models.
COVID-19 will blow over and the deaths will be zero.  COID-19 will be here with us forever and life will never be the same.
It lingers on surfaces. It does not linger on surfaces. Use hand sanitizer. Don’t use hand sanitizer.
Masks are useless. Masks are urgently needed and save lives. Testing is urgently needed then it is unnecessary. Asymptomatic carriers are not a problem. WAIT! Asymptomatic carriers are such a terrible problem that they will kill us all.
COVID-19 is worse than the flu. No, is no more deadly than the flu. Well, actually is less of a problem than the flu. Everyone is going to die from COVID-19. Only the elderly are at risk from it.  Only those with other illnesses. Young children are not at risk of getting it from adults. Young children are at risk of getting it from adults. Adults are at high risk of getting it from children.  Adults are not at risk of giving it to children.

And Americans are fed up with it. Rightly so. Nicholas Florko, writing in Stat today reports that a poll from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation finds” that the public’s trust in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S.’s top doctors, like Anthony Fauci, is rapidly dropping, particularly among Republicans. It also finds that less than half of Americans surveyed would want to get vaccinated against Covid-19 if a vaccine was available before November.”

The poll was conducted from Aug. 28 to Sept. 3, 2020 and, reports Mr. Florko, “provides a striking glimpse into how the U.S. government’s chaotic response to the coronavirus pandemic is sowing distrust among both Republicans and Democrats. It also reveals growing partisan divides about reliable sources of health information.”

While self-identified  Republicans’ confidence in the CDC has dropped 30 points since April, their Democratic counterpart’s  trust in the CDC has also, dropped although less precipitously, from 86% to 74% over the same time period.

Overall, the poll shows, public confidence in the CDC has dropped 16 points since April. Much of the distrust is correlated with the perception that the agency does not stand up to political pressure. Meanwhile, Trump has accused it of “being overly cautious and thwarting the U.S. recovery from the ongoing pandemic.”

CDC and its Director Robert Redfield are not alone in losing the trust of the American public.. Overall trust in Fauci, the National Institutes of Health’s top infectious disease doctor, has dropped a full 10% since April. His ‘favorables’ have dropped nearly 30% among Republicans since April. Democrats’ confidence in Fauci at the same time has increased from 80% to 86% since April.

The public, the poll finds, still trusts Fauci to provide more reliable information than the CDC, the White House coronavirus coordinator Deborah Birx, President Trump, or former Vice President Joe Biden. rump is the least trusted out of the four: Just 40% of those surveyed said they trust Trump to provide reliable information about the pandemic. Fifty-two percent trust Biden.

While I am pleased to see the shift away from trusting Fauci, Birx, Tump, Biden, CDC and FDA, and urgently hope the downward trend continues, I predict that this poll will bring out the pro-vaccine drums at a louder, even steadier beat to disguise what the American public is noticing: this is a Plandemic, not a natural event, and the official solutions are all moving us in the wrong directions, to the great advancement and advantage of the wrong forces and the enormous and tragic losses of the rest of us.





Public trust in CDC, Fauci, and other top health officials is evaporating, poll finds


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  1. BRAVO Dr. RIMA!

    As always you are the leading bleeding edge of truth and sanity.

    Please keep us informed as the Fauci’s et all circle the drain.


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