If You Don’t Wear a Mask Are You Selfish?

What to Tell Someone Who Says
You are Selfish if You Do Not Mask

Opinion by Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation September 7, 2020

Recently someone who uses the Advance Sanitary Masking Directive card, https://www.nsfmarketplace.com/product-category/vaccine-exemption/, to exercise his right to NOT mask was confronted with an email  that I thought was remarkable in its error and which I answered.  I am publishing the email from the outraged, but incorrect, person and my response.

Since the outraged person has not given me his permission to publish his name, I have removed all identifying information.  Let’s call the sender of the email ‘Bob Jones’ and the outraged person ‘Frank Smith’.
It is clear that Frank thinks that he is taking a self-evidently correct position.  He is totally wrong, in my opinion. The sense of his illogic and my response do not require his identify to be made clear.  They speak for themselves.

Here is Frank’s email to Bob:

You sent me the same e-mail six times. Stop it. 
You are a member of this society—even though it has not treated you well. 
It’s a rotten society, we know that. 
But you cannot fix it in the way that you are going about it. 
Right now, wearing a mask is the ‘communal’ thing to do. 
Trader Joe’s has no choice but to bar your entry because they have led all their customers to expect that every other person there will be masked.
You are just putting them in a bind. 
They cannot accommodate you without upsetting all their other customers.
You probably never thought this through because you only think of yourself. 

Bob sent me Frank’s email and I responded to Frank (whom I happen to know in a totally different capacity, by the way):

Dear Frank,
Bob forwarded your email to him chastising him for not wearing a mask for the sake of other people.​ You are, frankly, quite wrong and I hope you will allow me to explain why.
​First, the Right of Informed Consent, guaranteed by International Treaty in every country which has ratified the Geneva Convention, ​makes it clear that anyone may, without punishment, pressure or prejudice, refuse any medical procedure whatsoever. 

​The Americans with Disabilities Act (signed in 1994 and revised in 2011) makes it clear that persons with disabilities must be accommodated without exclusion or prejudice if they announce their disability but that they must be allowed to do so without anyone questioning them or asking for verification or documentation.
Most countries have similar laws.
That means that for anyone whose mental, emotional or physical health is likely to be undermined, they are exempt from the need to mask.
Masking is contraindicated for more than 54% of the US population, since they have medical diagnoses which make the reduction of oxygen which masks, even light ones, and the increase of carbon dioxide  which accompanies that reduction, hazardous.  Additional people have emotional reasons for not being able to mask without adverse results.
​The assumption that ​wearing a mask, even an N95 respirator, will control the transmission of a viral disease is absolutely not supported by an abundance of science.  I have reviewed some of it here: http://www.opensourcetruth.com/dr-rimas-masking-ebook/as a fact check on a deceptive and inaccurate “fact check” carried out by USA Today. ​
​While bacterial disease transmission can be controlled by masks, viral ones cannot.
So there are very good scientific reasons not to mask​ and there are very good medical ones. But, in addition, we know well from the study of psychoneuroimmunology that anxiety and fear suppress immune function and masking increases those emotions substantially. So does isolation and lack of sunshine, exercise and social interaction.
​No one’s mental, emotional, psychological or immunological health is served by masking.
Bob chooses not to mask for whatever reason and makes use of the Advance Sanitary Masking Directive made available by the Natural Solutions Foundation, http://www.opensourcetruth.com/tools-avoid-vaxx-mask-mandates/.  So do I.  And I am proud to say that a great many other people do as well​​.
Masking for a viral contagion is medical and political theater and accomplishes nothing positive except training for passivity and obedience.

I would welcome your sharing your thoughts on this email with me..​
Yours in health and freedom,

You do not have to wear a mask in any modern country if wearing it undermines your health. In the US the law that gives us that protection is both national (Americans with Disabilities Act) and State law supporting it.  In addition, masking edicts by governors and administrators comply with these laws and state that you must wear masks under such and such circumstances UNLESS you have a health reason for not doing so.

It is illegal to question your reason or ask for verification or documentation. AND the science is quite clear:  transmission of viral diseases, unlike bacterial diseases, is NOT prevented by masking. You can read more about that here: http://www.opensourcetruth.com/dr-rimas-masking-ebook/.



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