Your Reality Has Been Engineered

Your Reality Has Been Engineered. Ready to Take It Back?
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The Virus is Engineered
The Pandemic is Engineered
The Second Wave is Engineered
The ‘Need’ for a Vaccine is Engineered
The Race Wars are Engineered
The Weather and Food are Engineered
The News is Engineered

Opinion by Dr. Rima

Those of us who understand what is going on can, quite literally, bring the speeding propaganda train to a halt and replace it instead with real information, with truth.

The Plandemic has been Engineered with a bio-weapon virus and pre-placed gene-editing vaccines, ginned up so you will gladly allow your most precious core of humanity, your genetic self, to be hijacked.

That is what a virus does: it hijacks your DNA and the vaccines does exactly that, PRODUCING MORE VIRAL MATERIAL. Pray that is all it does.

The lock-down and propaganda supporting nonsense like masking have been Engineered to get you ready to believe absolutely anything, no matter how absurd.

The COVID-19 TEST results have been Engineered to produce totally massive, but totally meaningless, numbers by using inaccurate tests and then inflating even those cooked books. The COVID 19 DEATH results have been manipulated to increase them as much as possible, too. After fraudulently inflating both sets of numbers, the test results are conflated with all the supposed deaths and now the ‘pandemic’ is not deaths, it is CASES.

According to the CDC, a pandemic means that 7% of the EXPOSED POPULATION will die. Even with the Engineered “COVID 19 death rate”, we are looking at less than 1/35th that mortality rate – and most of those were NOT caused by COVID 19.

Your beliefs about the usefulness of masks to prevent the spread of viral disease have been Engineered. Despite the clear evidence that masking is harmful for large numbers of people masking has somehow become your patriotic duty through carefully engineered social manipulation, AKA propaganda.

Valid information about immune support as been Engineered to make it seem trivial while, in fact, it is absolutely central to your health and welfare. But perhaps the Powers that Think They Be think that they can make you forget about what Natural immune supports and nutrients like Nano Silver 10 PPM and zinc, can, and will, do for you. You are supposed to forget that both have been known for decades to support your ability to fight off infections. That is why,, in this land of the most conflicted of interest agencies (FDA, CDC) these simple, natural and effective health tools are demonized and marginalized as if they are province only of lunatics, charlatans and fools.

On the contrary, natural therapies that may benefit may benefit YOU! That is their purpose.

And if you worried, as worried you very well should be, about gene-editing and other vaccines, good for you! You’ve definitely got your head on straight. So you probably would like to know about the Advance Vaccine Directive Cards which allow you to assert your legally protected Right of Informed Consent under the Geneva Convention (ratified by almost every country in the world) and the Advance Sanitary Masking Directive (card, valid only in the US). which asserts your right NOT to mask under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Under it, if you have a mental, physical or emotional reason that masking would undermine your health, you MUST be accommodated without bias, questions or segregation.

With it, I shop and move about unmasked.

With it, I shop and move about unmasked.

So what can you do? You can provide valid, UNENGINEERED truth to everyone on your social media networks and keep doing it.

You can donate generously to support getting a vaccine mandate case in front of the US Supreme Court here:

8 thoughts on “Your Reality Has Been Engineered

  1. What a succinctly truthful article on the fraud being engineered. We have to help spread this truth. Thank you Dr Rima! A quick question I’ve wondered about taking the nano silver- can silver help a person with cancer? Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      About Nano Silver 10 PPM and cancer: the Dietary Supplements and Education Act (DSHEA, 1994) makes it a crime to use the words “treat”, “cure”, “mitigate”.
      prevent” or “diagnose” in conjunction with any natural product or food or to mention any specific disease or condition with regard to any nutrient.
      Nano Silver 10 PPM is a nutrient so I cannot answer your question.
      I can tell you that nutrient Nano Silver 10 PPM supports the normal structure and function of the immune system.
      I can also tell you that immunotherapies are in widespread use against cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.

    2. I’m using colloidal silver for any type of infection, cold or other virus. It works. The problem with cancer and Nano Silver is it’s hard to know how much to take.
      If you’ve looking for alternative treatments try IV vitamin C, oxygen therapy and by all means stay away from sugar

  2. I’m finding that the majority enthusiastically embrace the brainwashing. Many are even taking it upon themselves to harass those who don’t comply with the “rules,” shaming them, attacking them, chasing them out of stores. Any information which doesn’t match their brainwashing is automatically rejected, and ridiculed, with no effort being made to even look at it.

    The world is grossly overpopulated with people, anyway, so at this point I think I’ll sit back and watch them go willingly to their chosen end.

  3. Hi Dr. Rima,
    I have quoted you on my social media page and am getting pushback about your statement that the CDC defines a pandemic as 7% death among the exposed population. Do you have a citation for this please? It does seem particularly specific, so a link to where the CDC defines pandemic this way would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.

  4. Can you please provide a link for the statement about the CDC’s definition of pandemic meaning that 7% of the exposed population will die? I and others are unable to find this anywhere on the CDC website. Thank you.

    1. CDC defines an epidemic as a disease having at least a 7.17% mortality rate.
      My source misquoted and shared that it was a pandemic. I cannot find either a WHO or CDC mortality rate definition of a pandemic. My research on the issue suggests that anything that they want to call a pandemic gets labeled a pandemic so, in my estimation, at this point it is a political, not an epidemiological, term.

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