Autism eBook Press Release
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Autism is a relatively new disease caused by environmental assaults like vaccines. The science is settled.

The propaganda is like jelly but ask the parents of the autistic children around you.

IF the globalists were to admit the causes of the autism pandemic, they would have to clean up the environment and, worst of all, stop vaccinating. Now, that is the LAST thing they want to do so they put out the poppycock propaganda, the pseudoscience about genetics causing autism, etc.

Ignore them. Meanwhile, if we stopped vaccinating tomorrow, we would still have millions upon millions of autistic, that is, neurologically toxic, poisoned children to contend with.

Dr Rima’s answer? To write a book for families of these kids to help them heal their injured children.

Not easy, but doable.

Here’s the link:

Get and give this book to the people who need it: parents, grandparents, teachers and others.

Knowing that books are static but knowledge is not, Dr. Rima has created a special access page for people who purchase the book called the Quick Start Guide. Special webinars, resource data bases and a chat forum specifically for the parents of autistic children will be available to them. That in itself is a fantastic resource.

Spread the word. Let everyone know you can reach. This book WILL change lives.

That’s why Dr. Rima wrote it.

Some of the features of the 110 page ebook include a list of common autism drugs and the nutrients they deplete, a 14 point Quick Action Guide and a growing series of webinars and podcasts.

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