California Lawmakers And Their Pretzel Logic: Do Vaccines Protect People Or Not? Dr. K.P. Stoller weighs in on convoluted thinking in cali

Confused in California: Dr. K.P. Stoller Weighs In On California State Vaccine Regulation Pretzel Logic

There is a war going on in California right now, and if you didn’t already know about it, that may be because–like most of our modern, far-off wars–we like to think that unless it is right in our faces we have no stake in it.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The war in question is over the state law SB277, mandating that all schoolchildren be vaccinated against whooping cough and measles, and the latest salvo is the injunction opponents filed to prevent the implementation of the law. But what has been especially telling is the state’s convoluted thinking when it comes to refuting the arguments opponents are presenting in order to stop this heavy-handed state mandate from being implemented.


One advocate for a free and fair and sane set of laws governing the way we do vaccines is one Dr. K.P Stoller, whose name you may recognize from his book “Incurable Me,” which is gaining a lot of momentum in the alternative press ahead of its September release.

Dr. Stoller takes the state of California to task for its illogic in classic fashion. To wit, this excerpt from the state’s response to the motion to impose an injunction preventing SB277 from being implemented:

“…an injunction against the enforcement of the statute in this case would immediately expose millions of California school children and other at-risk individuals to an increased threat of contracting potentially fatal communicable diseases,” read the motion. It continues:

“The public health and welfare must not be allowed to be jeopardized by the subjective beliefs and unfounded conspiracy theories of a small minority of individuals who, against all recognized scientific and legal authority, stubbornly disregard the long-recognized safety and effectiveness of vaccines, and who fail to accept the public health threat that their unsupported opinions have on the lives of others around them.”

As Dr. Stoller points out, “Do vaccines work, or don’t they? If they work, why are the vaccinated in mortal danger from those who aren’t so vaccinated?”

Indeed, if the vaccinated kids are protected from being infected by dint of having dutifully received their shots, then why do they need the unvaccinated kids, these horrible little unwashed minions of darkness to be kept away from them? Who is in danger and why?

And extrapolating on this chain of reasoning, Dr. Stoller points out that if the vaccinated are in danger from the unvaccinated ones in the context of their schools, then surely they are equally in danger on the streets, in the grocery store, at sporting events, in the mall–because not everyone there is vaccinated either.

At any rate, we’re very much looking forward to reading Dr. Stoller’s book. Here’s hoping he can continue to defuse the pretzel logic of the state when it comes to protecting the investments of the very rich people who own Merck and GlaxoSmithKline stock and thus need for the “must vaccinate everyone” mythos to continue unabated.
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