Ron Paul Gets it Perfectly Right: Corona Virus is the New Terrorism

Opinion: Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation August 11, 2020
In about 4 minutes, Ron Paul makes perfectly clear how politically dangerous the new terrorism threat, Corona Virus, is not to our health, but to our freedom.

Must watch, must share with this URL:


Like Dr. Paul, I am a physician with a high degree of skepticism for efforts by the vast, faceless government to save us from ourselves by ripping away our freedoms. And that most certainly is the process we are experiencing with the felicitous advent of the politically useful Corona Virus.

In the grip of the absolutely senseless terror invoked by cooked case and mortality statistics, vaccine hope, hype and hysteria, mindless masking and wildly invasive contact tracing, Americans have, sheep-like, begged wise and kindly Big Brother to do anything, anything at all, necessary to “save us” from the “pandemic”.

Ron Paul, in just a few minutes, makes a compelling, fact based plea for sanity in the face of engineered madness.

Thank you, Dr. Paul.

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