General Bert: Estimate of Situation


Estimate of Situation

As a number of Open Source Truth followers know Dr. Rima’s husband, General Bert, has continued to communicate from “over there.” The first two years of these transmissions have been compiled into a book, The General Speaks – Intimate Conversations with the Dead available at A second book, Dialogue on the World Systems, is in the works. Here, however, is an updated Estimate of Situation from General Bert. We make no claims as to the origin, but offer it as, what General Bert would call, “data points.” Consider this information as Open Source Intel only available at Open Source Truth.

Link to previous Estimate of Situation: (20 February 2021)

10 April 2021

DR. RIMA: And here we are in this mess of a world system, needing absolutely all the help that we can get!


BERT: As Counsel Jim Turner says, “However bad you think things are, they are 10 times worse. No, 100 times worse, no, 1000 times, at a minimum.”

And that is true.

But, first of all that has pretty much always been the Rule and second of all, it is so much worse than even the ordinary intolerability of things because the ones pushing this are aware that they are running out of time.

If they win, it is true, they win big time and, in terms of this planet, pretty close to forever. But if they do not win, they cannot win partly. They cannot win a bit, which implies that they cannot lose partially, either.

It really is the closest thing to a real Armageddon that the planet has seen. There is a difference between a holocaust and an Armageddon.

In a holocaust, there is some possibility of survival. In an Armageddon there is no intermediate position and, frankly, with the vaccines being drummed about, and pushed, this IS an Armageddon. Those who take them will be altered in irreversible and terrible ways.

You feel that the battle has never been joined so clearly and that the stakes have never been higher.

That is, sad to say, totally correct.

Not just partly, but totally.

You are, in fact, in peril, but then again, so is every other person on the planet.

And you have the great advantage and the great disadvantage, of knowing that I am there with you and that the stakes are this high.

So you are wise and fearful whereas a great deal of the population of the planet is ignorant and terrified.

Imagine how much worse it would be if you were in their shoes. True, you would get the vaccine; and then die from it a while later.

This way you are not going down that scenario road.

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  1. Thanks ever so much, General. I read your book about the Chinese general, and it is amazing. I’ve also been reading Ingo Swann, Lyn Buchanan, Jos. McMoneagle, David Morehouse, & Kevin Ryerson. I’ve read all of Maurice Cooke’s Hilarion books, and now I’m following anything remote viewed and channeled. In only a few of these have I found what I believe to be small errors, and after the “Dear Leader” I’m starting to wonder about these mental phenomena. I’m friends with “Princess” Kaoru Nakamaru from Japan, and she explained: “Edgar Cayce predicted half of California would slide into the sea, but this is no longer necessary because the Karma of the people has changed. Similarly, Hilarion predicted The Tribulation very soon, and Lyn Buchanan telepathically gave Gorbachev the suggestions that Communism should be abandoned. There is always a fork in the road. Take the right one.

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