General Bert: Estimate of Situation

Two Transmissions from General Bert
Shopping the FAO Schwartz of Events and
The Larger Issues
Estimates of Situation from the Other Side
25 January and 24 February 2021

Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army)
February 6, 1930-February 6, 2017

General Bert has been transmitting messages to Dr. Rima and a few others “from the other side” since his untimely death on his 86th birthday in 2017.  From among the several thousand pages of information we have published one book, Intimate Conversations with the Dead, containing  information from his first two years of transmission as well as several shorter compilations.  More about that here:  This posting is from Estimates of Situation transmitted to Dr. Rima at the end of January and at the end of February, 2021.

General Bert was commenting on the increasingly serious political and social developments in the USA  and globally and the necessity  of both physical preparation and of bringing love, light and awareness into the situation.

In previous and subsequent transmissions, General Bert has referred both to his efforts and that of his allies “on the other side”, the “we” to whom he refers here.

“At the same time that we are working to keep you off that [time line or fractal bifurcation of reality] ribbon, there are many forces working to put you (all) on it for a converging, but dismal, set of reasons.”

General Bert has described in prior and subsequent transmissions the “Oppositional Forces” , or “OFs”, which actively seek to restrict and undermine Free Will and its expression through Consciousness, Intentionality and Frequency which define our reality.

“Make sure you have all of the things that will keep and that you will need for a year of isolation.

We will probably not need it, but if we do, we will have it.

It is sort of like being an add-on Mormon.

How likely do I think that sort of chaos is? I would give it a 75% chance.  You have truth rushes at that. Your own estimation, which popped up in your head, was 50/50.  That should make you happy on one level because we differ, but unhappy because my estimation is half again as likely. “[I continually seeks confirmation that these transmissions are not merely my own fantasy so the comment that it pleases me that General Bert and I differ is a part of that on-going conversation – Dr. Rima]

“But, remember, this is one of those situations where I am working to make myself wrong, at least on this ribbon for these reasons.

A lot of people are going to die from the vaccine, starvation, political disruption, (migration, fighting and social disruption) and disease if we cannot avert this turn of events.

Can we? We do in most time lines.  The question, and it is an unanswered one right now, is whether the combined manufactured embedded will of such a vast number of well-propagandized people along with the would-be masters can be turned aside. 

Intentionality, whether manufactured like this, or spontaneous or personal, the ‘hearts-and-minds phenomenon’, is like fly paper: it draws events to it, or draws itself to events (either way works for now but fly paper does not do that) and then the events get stuck there for the entities traveling along that path.

Not everyone goes on that particular path since everything is always happening at the same time and is always the past and always the future, all at the same time.

That is one of the consequences of no-time-ness.  Events are durable. Time is apparent.  So all events are always like diamonds: forever.

That means that all time lines are forever, as well, but the different forevers, like the different infinities and eternities, combine to make probability flows and all of them participate in an infinity, so that event A is on an infinity of probability ribbons and so is event B, but there are some ribbons which have both of them, some that have one and some that have neither. It is so with every event.

There is a somewhat static quality to probability and event lines.  They are forever interfacing and shifting and creating themselves but they are also, at a different level of magnification, if you will, totally static since they all already exist in every possible configuration. That does not mean that they are all used or populated or accessed.

They exist in the same nascent state that the infinity of World Systems exist: they are there to be used if needed, but in order to have Free Will, and you remember that all of this has been created as a mechanism for Free Will to operate, just as The Void was created as a mechanism for the basic [Consciousness, Intentionality and Frequency] Fields to operate, there has to be a limitless supply of event substrate for Free Will to operate on.

There can be no constraints because what is willed has never been thought of or provided for or made possible.  That would be not Free Will.

It is like an event FAO Schwartz: there is no toy that is not there.  Now, like FAO Schwartz, the selection is vast, the shopping is amazing, but the price can be absurdly high.

There are toys that would break your energy budget and lead to not-so-good outcomes if you decided to play with them.  And there are toys that you can play with your friends with and toys that would isolate you.

There are toys that would teach you good and valuable things, and toys that would teach you terrible, unhealthy and unholy things.

So if you are shopping at the FAO Schwartz of things and events and friends and options, shop carefully.

Just because everyone else has decided they want those hideous Cabbage Patch dolls, you do not have to have, or even touch, no, even look at, them.

Do you understand?

I was going to say that it would not work if, solipsisticly, you were creating the world all the time.

It would take too much energy and slow things down way too much.  But then I realized that there could be realities like that.  However, there are not. That is not how the system was created.

You do not create events. You choose them.

There is a huge difference, you know.

25 January 2021


24 February 2021 Update from General Bert

On to the larger issues: the bad state of the violence in the streets and the breakdown of society may be deferred for a few years or may be right around the corner. Right now, people have, in large measure, avoided that particular shot, although it could be triggered at a moment’s notice. But the rolling blackouts and disaster incitement which looked more evident before is not likely to be happening at this point, anyway.

So what about all of the emergency food that you have: very, very good idea. If you can, just chomp your way threw it without consuming the ultra-long storage soups, meals, etc. You an save them for pretty much forever if you want to, and I think it is always a good idea to have some tucked away.

Remember, though, that avoiding this storm in the US and Canada, if we do that, does not mean that they [events – REL] will stay quiescent on a global basis. They will not. There will be numerous riots and considerable starvation, the mRNA vaccines will provoke real social disintegration because of the numbers of murders the vaccine will cause.

And you know and can see although you and our team are doing their best, millions and millions will be lost, with the economic collapse driving, and being driven by, the vaccine-related death.

Call it a day and another day and a day and a night.

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  1. I am delighted to have only just ‘found’ you after seeing you on a presentation with Sasha Stone, The Steele and Stone Roadshow, having leaned so much from these two amazing minds and love them both. So for now may I say thank you for all I have learnt from you so far, and thank you to General Bert. xo

  2. My last EoS is the 4th one from 2021. Please inform me of further updates. I’ve followed his vets’ books for many years. Bert is truly a General of the Human Mind!

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